Feelings bought with money may be more addictive.

Feelings bought with money may be more addictive.
I crave the feeling of being cared about.

that day, a person was at home in front of a blank word document, desperately trying to write something, but his brain was like a rag exposed for three days, unable to squeeze anything out. When I tapped and deleted on the keyboard, I finally had to close the computer heavily in a gamble.

there are good friends, but I don't bother to explain to her what's wrong with me, and I don't want to use close people as trash cans.

in the end, I can only click on Taobao, a real "friend of women", in order to ease my anxiety a little.

my curiosity was ignited at once.

looking back at the branches below, I found that it was 2000 yuan a month for chatting. Inside the price varies greatly, text, voice is 5 yuan for half an hour, ordinary joint broadcasting is 20 yuan for half an hour, and the price goes up in turn according to the gold medal shop.

this means that 1/3 of people who have used chat services are addicted and will continue to spend money on "chat".

is almost all high praise, and this kind of praise is not like the usual shopping-either it is automatic praise from Buddhist buyers, or they only perfunctorily say "the clothes fit well" and "the pants are very satisfactory".

when muggy weather, restless mood, and real-life endorsement are mixed together, it's hard not to be moved.

the original chat system on Taobao has become so mature.

after choosing "male God", I was soon added by a Wechat person named "Fisherman" with a picture of a cute Brown bear. This must be a very warm boy, I think.

on the other end of the phone, he was hoarse and told me he had a cold, but even so, his voice was still hoarse. I guess he practiced vocal music. He smiled and said I was so smart.

I also told him honestly that I was too bad to write a plan.

I'm not here for help.

having said that, the other end of the phone seemed to be more anxious and kept trying to please me. "Let me tell you a joke, how about I sing you a song?"

people are very bad. When they always see that others are worse off, they will feel comforted and want to save him, forgetting that they are the ones who are really in the whirlpool.

he laughed and replied, "if you can chat and get paid, why not do it?"

he told me that most of the people who came to buy chat services were girls, those who were unhappy.

he smiled and said to me in a doting tone, "it's tiring to coax you."

(far Summer: buyers on Taobao stroll around and find that they talk like this. )

you also find it hard to believe that they are obsessed with it, or even addicted to it.

her story may be much more "thrilling" than mine.

for the first time, out of curiosity, I waited for him in less than ten minutes. I was not very good at talking, and he happened to be very good at leading the topic and had been patiently guiding me.

after listening to this, he kept comforting me, saying that he understood me, and sang me a song. Finally, because I had something to do at school, I ended the call ahead of time.

You will look even more stunning in our black mermaid prom dress. Check out our astonishing colors collections now!

as soon as I was about to wash my face back to reality, my phone shook again:

I don't know if that sentence is true or professional rule, but it really warms me.

although it costs only a few dozen yuan a day, I can't afford the trivial expenses after it has been lengthened over time.

during that time, I felt a little funny when I saw the withdrawal reaction of those drug addicts in the movie, just like myself at that time.

I was hit hard that day. I cried like a lovelorn for a long time, and then I never used small talk or approached him again.

most of the time, I forget that such feelings are bought with money, and it is easy to sink myself into the imaginary world I have constructed.

remembering the popular "Love and producer" not long ago, it also made the girls krypton gold.

not only because they are living people, but also because they are professionally trained in all verbal skills and communication methods in order to give users a "sense of comfort".

the most helpless thing is that when you think they are the most attractive men in the world, in fact it's just his job.

put on headphones, and soon there is another order on Taobao.

I enjoyed that feeling very much, so I walked very slowly on the road. While I was chatting with him, he suddenly paused, interrupted me and said:

I was stupefied for a moment. Looking awkwardly at the ten-minute walk from the dormitory, I shamelessly asked him to accompany me a little longer.

I told him a lie in a hurry and told him with a smile that I would get in touch with him next time and hang up the phone in a hurry.

remove my friend from Wechat as usual.

I just remembered that there is a time limit for this special cure for loneliness.

then I didn't keep the fisherman's Wechat as usual, waiting for him to add me back.

in those days when there were no fishermen, it occurred to me that maybe we could hide in this vision for an hour, a day, or even a whole week.

it's not because you have to spend money, it's addictive.

this ease will only deprive you of all your ability to resist pain in the end.

and this is what we can never escape and have to face.

but even so, the loneliness of young people will not diminish, but it will always become more and more difficult to escape.

they always stand out from the crowd at the beginning, driving away sadness and leaving happiness behind, so that we don't look too embarrassed.So a place to take a breath.

when you pull it out, you will only feel more emptiness.

No one can completely solve your loneliness, except yourself.

good night.

fragile and naive