Everyone won, except 3unshine.

Everyone won, except 3unshine.
Good night.

if it hadn't been for the broadcast of Produce 101, few people would have noticed that the post-00 girls' group two years ago is now down to three, and its name has changed from sunshine to 3unshine.

in the first performance of Produce 101, everyone, including the contestant's mentor, fell on this group.

what kind of things do people have curiosity or even curiosity?

and somewhat tragically, 3unshine's curiosity is underneath disdain.

included in the first issue of Produce 101, many media are still talking about the stalks of three female probiotics.

then the program group also spread the news that this was slander, that it was a double play by 3unshine, and that it was self-hype.

Hu Yanbin was a little angry, saying that this should not be done and that he should stand up for himself. He even said on Weibo that he had sent a demo.

but even so, 3unshine's sleepy posture while sleeping on the show is still not well explained.

"controversial", the word has been accompanied by 3unshine for a long time.

retweeted that the amusing bitch of 3unshine Weibo thought she had single-handedly promoted them, but 3unshine herself did not think so. As a result, the amusing bitch could not help writing a long article directly diss that they did not know how to be grateful.

Faith Interactive always thought it had pushed sunshine to a high point, but sunshine members called the company a "liar company", saying they were falsifying information, a bad environment, and unstable revenues.

"101 creation" has received a great deal of topic heat.

belief interaction, not to mention, an unknown company has finally made a reliable endorsement.

it should even be said that they hurt more than they got.

when many people said that she did not know how to cherish the opportunity, 3unshine officials revealed that Abby withdrew from the show because of the aggravating tendency of depression.

I couldn't help gripping myself when I heard the news-she was a little girl who had just passed her 18th birthday.

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Jiang Sida: "there are a lot of bad names on the Internet. are you sad?"

Jiang Sida: "is there not a trace of grievance or grievance?"

but in an interview with transparent Man, Abby said no, it was almost an instant reaction. I don't know if she is really not, whether she is really strong, or that so many people have asked this question that she has come up with a standard answer rather than a sincere answer.

when 3unshine became popular unexpectedly, there were a lot of notoriety on the Internet. It was because these notoriety inspired Abby that she decided to go on with 3unshine and then said, "the more you call me ugly, the more I want to show you beauty, and the more I want to go against the current."

including Jiang Sida asked transparent people whether 3unshine wants to reverse a stereotype of them in the future.

Abby first said: "there is no denying that we did make our debut because of ugliness." But I will speak with my work in the future. "

Abby said: "I don't think there is such a reality. Because after listening to the work, a lot of people will turn fans. "

I watched the issue of transparent Man on sunshine six or seven times, and I watched it on bilibili three times.

however, judging from the current reality, it seems that the reality is not what Abby imagined.

joining the hot-hand culture should be a twist point for these three girls.

in fact, you can click on these three songs directly, and you will find one thing, that is, these three songs are relatively mature.

compare the song that just came out two years ago.

We don't want to say whether it is good or bad. What I want to say is that 3unshine doesn't just want to be famous for speculation scandals. I will come up with my work with Abby. I mean it.

so to be honest, I prefer to believe that 3unshine girls are willing to get better and are trying to get better.

and the 17 years from March to July when the work was published, it was basically a straight line, and no one was interested.

sometimes it's really sad to think about it.

that's what I'm talking about. They suffer a lot more than they get.

A lot of people take away the traffic, the heat of the topic and the money from them. in the end, they have to figure out their own way to pay for training and tuition fees.