Every time I go out with my boyfriend, I wear a complete set of underwear.

Every time I go out with my boyfriend, I wear a complete set of underwear.

I asked her what she meant.

then she asked again and again, "did you know that Sister V always washes her hair before she meets you?" Did you know that every time she goes out, she wears perfume on purpose? Did you know that she went running and working out every day before your birthday? "

it's probably because I'm her boss, so Liu Bai didn't go on asking questions. But I knew the answer in my heart, and I was extremely ashamed of my stupidity.

but I, like an idiot, thought I had done my best by taking her to a buffet, going shopping with her and offering to pay.

is to make a group of people who are treated well in a relationship remember how good they really are to them.

from Liu Bai

after asking, he smiled.

I laughed with him, but not because he was stupid, but to hide the secret he didn't know:

"in fact, when I went out with him a long time ago, I wore a complete set of underwear every time."

but this is a girl's mindset, and I choose not to tell him. Because I'd rather look unprepared than let him find out that I like him a lot more than he thought.

I walked around the dorm all night in high heels

after my boyfriend booked his first date, I rummaged through the wardrobe to find a dress that I was satisfied with.

the shoe rack is full of sneakers. The only pair of high heels, or the kind of small black heels bought for the interview, look old-fashioned and ugly.

so I immediately clicked on Taobao and searched for about two or three hours before I found a pair of white stilettos that I like better. I braked hard when I was about to place an order.

but out of the ritual of wanting a first date, I bought it anyway.

Are you overwhelmed with the number of light pink short homecoming dresses when shopping online? Take your time to enjoy our vast selection.

after getting the high heels, I would walk around in the dormitory in high heels, trying to adapt to the height of 6 centimeters. So as not to walk too strangely when you wear it out on the day of the date.

all girls are the same. Desperately want to show the best side in front of the person you like, even if you know that you are not a princess, the other side is not the hero in the South Korean TV series. But quietly doing these things, let the other person see their best, is secretly telling each other:

if I stand beside you, I will use my best.

I hope you can treat me in the same way.

but that day, when it was almost time for the appointment, he said to me, "I'll leave as soon as I finish this game. Come in and wait for me."

maybe up to now, he doesn't know how lost I was that day.

to express my love to him. In order to make myself look better, I re-examined myself, and after confirming that I was not his type at all, I decided to change it.

then, because I had bad skin during that time and always had acne, I drank water crazily, did not eat snacks, or even did not eat meat.

finally, the day I decided to confess my love, I went out on a date. When he saw me, I was surprised to see him, and even had a mouth shape of "wow". I was secretly delighted.

he said he didn't know how he felt for me, for fear of being unfair to me.

although he doesn't know, I have been preparing for this confession both internally and externally for a long time.

but we were together a month later, and that dress has been kept by me until now.

I sent this article to my girlfriend before I pushed it out to show you.

I didn't know how to answer her pain at the moment, because I showed it to her and just wanted to ask her, "does this article look long?"

the childish Zhang Zhiming in the movie is liked by Yu Chunjiao, who is "I am older than you".

later, the film made a third film, called "Chunjiao Save Zhiming". Director Pang Haoxiang found Huang Weiwen and asked him to fill in Putonghua lyrics for the May Day song "Zhiming and Chunjiao". There are these two lyrics:

you love me, have you grown up?

because in a relationship, one party will take the initiative to be partial, and there will always be one party who will be treated favourably.

what really determines the roles of both parties is "which side is more mature".

the stories posted in the article today are not actually stories of "what are more loved ones prepared for", but "what are more mature people prepared for".

so be nice to mature people and be careful.

many people should know that I opened a secondary account

for a very simple purpose. I just want to tell you

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