Every time I go out to a party, there is no picture of me.

Every time I go out to a party, there is no picture of me.
The photo album is full of PPT.

because I always say this sentence to answer questions like why I always sit aside when they take selfies.

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my indifference often arouses their dissatisfaction, and I can read the complaint in their eyes that "you look like we're showing off."

but apart from such questions and eyes, they can't accuse me of anything more clearly. Because I don't like taking pictures, although it's strange, it's not a legitimate defect.

but after all, this is a very disappointing thing, for the sake of others, if I am fully engaged in doing something I like, but there is always a cold outsider around me, it will really make the atmosphere a little awkward.

most of them, who secretly accumulated grievances, chose to alienate me, and I thought I had come up with a way to retain the best one:

once I saw on the review website that a new online celebrity store had been opened, which was very pink and tender and suitable for taking pictures. I immediately shared the information to the chat window and asked her if she wanted to come with me. I could take a picture for her.

she readily agreed, and a few exclamation points looked excited and looking forward to, but to our surprise, the day didn't end well.

because I have no idea how to show the length of my legs and which angle looks best on her, and my pretended enthusiasm broke like a balloon, and my patience was quickly exhausted after she denounced me several times.

in the end, we ate the food in the bowl without saying a word, bought the bill, drove home separately, and rarely talked again.

A person who does not like to take pictures naturally does not know the skills of taking pictures, and he is not patient enough to take good pictures.

although I can't take it, I know what a good picture looks like.

strictly speaking, this picture was actually secretly taken by another classmate during the recess, and she sent it to me long after graduation.

although it is an old photo from a few years ago, the pixels of my phone at that time are also very blurred, but in the photo, I have long shawl and straight hair, my skin is very white, and the side angle is just right, with a youthful beauty.

later, I cut my hair short for convenience, and my skin problems were caused by staying up late for a long time, so that I avoided taking pictures more and more later.

maybe it's time to admit that I like photos, and I really hope I can leave some photos.

especially every time those girls grasp the right angle, find the right light, and make a careful composition in the moments, I really think that the efforts made for this are worth it.

but for a long time I was ashamed to show this desire to be photographed.

because in my concept, this is unnatural, something that I want to pull away from the life experience and deliberately accomplish.

at the same time, because I am not good-looking, I am afraid that this matter will not get the desired results. I have been busy for a long time but have no results. I do not want to take such a risk.

just because we don't like taking pictures doesn't mean we don't want to leave anything. it's just that we are too lazy and lack of self-confidence to feel that we don't deserve to leave a picture to commemorate.


clever, but not rigid, this is her first impression on me.

she would ask me if I could take a picture of her, but after taking the picture, she would also ask me if I wanted to do it, and sometimes even if she thought the background in front of her matched my clothes, she would excitedly ask me to stand over and boast of being good-looking while looking for the right angle.

and I think the most amazing thing is that even if I feel that I am not satisfactory in the photo, she still tries to make you believe that you are beautiful and worthy of leaving a picture to commemorate.

at first I thought it was out of gratitude, but after thinking about it, I seem to have a deeper understanding of the fact that I don't like taking pictures:


even in many cases, because we are not standard beauties without dead corners, we can get a sense of surprise in being photographed, at least at that moment, from that angle, the self under that lens is beautiful, and to be able to confirm this is enough for people who think they are good-looking or not.

We take pictures of some people, and we are also photographed by some people. We leave some pictures, and we also leave pictures for some people.

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