Every time I delete with one button, it is my most vulnerable time.

Every time I delete with one button, it is my most vulnerable time.
All losses are timely.

if two girls talk at night with the same quilt, the topic will not leave the boys.

I mentioned that he seemed to have written to me, in which he was a boy who would write, "you are a tree of flowers, a swallow whispering among the beams."

but I couldn't find it, and I finally realized that I might have lost it a long time ago.

but it was so wonderful that somehow I began to think of something in the letter, even though it was numb with boredom.

but because, without those letters, it is difficult for me to recall those childish and fledgling life experiences.


I used to feel that I lived like a lotus root. When dealing with declining emotions or relationships, no matter how sharp the knife was, the fibers were still stagnant.

after removal, the body and mind are at ease.

but deleting can be addictive.

if I can't relieve my anger, I even throw it away for the sake of throwing it away, throwing away all the innocent people and things that are not in use for the time being.

A good friend sends shoes of the wrong style and loses them.

I thought I was creating a minimalist space, but in fact, by the time I regained my senses, I had emptied myself.

so I decided to re-examine the behavior of "discard".

until insomnia last week, I suddenly found a person's negative energy on moments.

I woke up the next day to find that she had deleted everything from last night.

have no emotion.

some people say, "the circle of friends you leave behind is the character you expect."

the simple point is "fuzzy + positive" .

all I know is that "vagueness" can separate the concern of others.

finally drifted apart.

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the circle will only get smaller and smaller, and I am more resistant to the outside possibility.


I remember his story. Growing up, my mother didn't agree with most of what he did.

I asked him why this Spring Festival is different.

this story seems to have nothing to do with the whole article, but I still want to tell it, because the phrase "when people are angriest, they are most vulnerable" stabbed me.

because I was very sad after the breakup, I burned all the letters.

because the moments late at night are too hypocritical, I delete them before I fall asleep.

over time, you don't even care about yourself.

because only by preserving the most vulnerable side, we will not deliberately arm ourselves as "angry" and "ruthless".

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