Every boy needs a girl who has been having an affair for a long time.

Every boy needs a girl who has been having an affair for a long time.

one afternoon a year ago, Jing Bao was sitting in his office in Dongguan reading. He said to us, "I want to make clothes."

two weeks later, he walked into the office with a white t and asked us how the dress was.

"it doesn't feel good."

when it comes to making clothes, thorns are serious, and he hopes we can get serious with him.

We want to present what we want to express in another way.


then one day, we received a message from a reader. His Wechat profile picture is a panda. Let's call him Panda.

it was five years ago that I met a girl I like.

Girls are cool, have short hair and have a good personality, so they are called Brothers.

only then did the panda realize that she hadn't talked to her in the same class for a year.

six months later, a lucky thing happened and Panda moved to a campus that liked girls.

after the same campus, they meet more often. Pandas often ask girls to step on the playground, study and eat for various reasons.

they chatted for a long time that night, ranging from which university they wanted to go to to Guangzhou or Beijing, from high school to whether they were willing to go to high school classmates.

can you wait for me for a year?

"what's wrong?"

according to the plan, the girls went to Guangzhou and the boys chose to repeat it.


although no one says a word about confirming the relationship.

the panda that night said a lot of things that had not been said before.

the girl interrupted the panda while he was still talking.

after that, I continued to make the phone call, changed my love, even the trumpet, and everything went like a couple.

the breakup was mentioned on the phone. The panda fell asleep early the night before because of a cold. After seeing the girl's long text message the next day, he immediately called back.

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"what's wrong?" Asked the panda.

the girl didn't sleep well all night, and her mind was full of the idea of "no one is with me".

after talking for three hours, everyone decided to break up peacefully, delete all chat records, delete all contact information, delete photos, and promise never to appear in their lives again.

half a year after the breakup, the panda has experienced a lot.

there are many things that could be shared with someone, but now they can only be felt by one person. What is more terrible than loneliness is a sense of loss.

it was not until July of this year that they re-established their relationship, making long phone calls and chatting for a long time, just like in high school.

in fact, before we heard this story, we didn't think that our product could still be some kind of token.


he said to me, "she needs more time."

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