Even if we will only get together this once.

Even if we will only get together this once.
Can I stay in your room?

but the fifth episode of the second season of Adventure, which I watched at noon today, gave me a movie-like experience.

then wait until 56:00 in this episode, when the old lady of Airbnb's landlord said to her husband who was suffering from Alzheimer's disease in front of the camera, "Dad, I love you", I hurriedly pressed pause, and then trotted to close the office door.

Zhang Jingzhi unexpectedly saw tears in the variety show.

I often see people talking about Alzheimer's disease on the Internet, but almost every time, everyone's discussion seems to be covered with gray veil:

such plots and stories seem to move towards the same destination, that is, sadness.

but I don't blame Aya and Zhou Xun for the slightest meaning, because they are in the same situation as us as audiences. Before facing this disease, everyone can only have one emotion, that is, fear.

"in fact, in the face of Alzheimer's disease, we can use this attitude: there will still be regrets and sadness, but everything can still be remedied."

this is indeed an adventure, because it is not a perception that can be achieved by "arranging".

actually I have met a similar landlord in Chengdu.

if I remember correctly, it was the May Day holiday of 18 years. I booked a hostel called "sitting around". At the same time, I shamelessly wrote to the landlord on APP: "I will go there with my girlfriend tomorrow. I don't know if the landlord is free to chat together. I want to write some articles about Chengdu."

so the next day, when I finally packed my bags and told the landlord, "We're done," he came to his hostel with citrus tea.

the landlord told me that the ultimate goal of sitting around is not to make money, but "the goal in the future is to build a boutique hotel, so I will practice my hands in residential accommodation." at the same time, "there is no room for my usual collection, so I put it in."

he said that Chengdu is an inclusive city; that Chengdu is a basin, so "blue sky" has a higher priority than "small earthquakes".

he said that he had gone out to study since he was a child, then went to study abroad, and worked in Shanghai for some time when he came back.

A lot of people are "I have it, I'll do it again", which means "I earn three thousand a month, so it's impossible for me to stay in a hotel for 1100 nights to experience design." But the landlord is different. He is "even if I don't have it, I will do it." he works in interior design, so he is particularly interested in furniture. even if his income is not high at that time, he will ask a friend to buy a 20,000 yuan stool abroad.

later, the landlord decided to go back to Chengdu to open his own design company. Many people didn't think he would have a good development, but he made it.

he said: "as I just said, the difference between me and many designers is that I know the value of design, but they don't."

I began to take a long-term view and insist on doing the "right" thing instead of the "fast" thing.


every time he goes to a bar, he tells me what's interesting about the bar: "the boss is an antique dealer, so look at his decoration, it's all collectibles." "this bar is owned by foreigners. At first, when it was sold cheaply, no one came, but then when the price went up, it was full every day."

I think I have made it very clear that compared with cold service and constant room decoration, residential accommodation is always much more human.

because the last thing left is the scenery, and if you want to understand "another way to live in the world", you can only do it by participating in other people's lives.

this sentence means that it is precisely because we met Airbnb's landlord that we discovered the adventures of life and found that "life can look like this".

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this time, Airbnb sorted out all the interesting houses like the ninja cabin in episode 5.

all the selected rooms are presented in the Mini Program below.

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