"during the Spring Festival this year, I want to fry the pig next door."

"during the Spring Festival this year, I want to fry the pig next door."
Here are some dark humor that makes you laugh.

the more I turned down, the more I couldn't help laughing. Unexpectedly, all kinds of boring gestures became the first thing that made me laugh in the past few days.

maybe you can find something to do, or just have fun.

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about these inexplicably boring poses, I also saw a message from @ Zeal.

this passage makes me think that it is actually quite lovely for a mature and serious master to have such a rough and childish side.

so although these actions are illogical, they still look silly.

A person who is usually very lazy is bored until he runs upstairs and downstairs.

boring enough to go for a walk at my high school alma mater every day.

alas, New Year's Eve and they are lively watching the Spring Festival Gala, while I do sit-ups, push-ups, clap push-ups, dumbbell oblique push-ups, raise legs on the side, and raise legs high in the other room across a wall from them.

as I was doing aerobics in my room during the Spring Festival, I was determined to fight obesity.

stepped on the shared bike for two hours, a total of sixteen kilometers.

I stayed in my room alone and did yoga all night.

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"Mom should like me when I'm bored."