Don't worry, you have to save some time for sadness.

Don't worry, you have to save some time for sadness.
Unhappy, just because it's not over yet.

the reason for doing psychological counseling is also very simple, that is, "unhappy", and "I don't know why I am unhappy" at the same time as "unhappy".

at the same time, you often have to face the incomprehension of the people around you: "just buy one. Isn't milk tea the same flavor?" If you really can't, just buy one cup, and you don't need that money. "

so the first time I met, I confessed to the consultant in that room, hoping that she could help me solve the problem at hand.

I was stupefied for about five minutes, thinking about a lot of things I hadn't thought about before.

1. Stop entertaining

pretending to think, just like eating air. Although there is nothing to eat in the end, the chewing action is done.

I have tried many ways to get out of that state. First of all, sports, not the kind of small "just move", but find a group of friends to play basketball for two hours, shoot, fight, and win with your teammates. this pure competition will make you forget "I'm sad" in a short time.

3. After five consultations, the words I wrote down in the memo

are the sun type and the moon type.

Moon type, you can only go one step further through the help or influence of others.

she said that I am a sun person, so don't try to solve the current dilemma by blindly listening to the opinions of the outside world. I have to take the decision back to myself in order to "find a solution to the problem."

4. Start to know yourself

after knowing enough about yourself, you will be able to know which changes are not suitable for you. The road in life is so wide that you don't have to fight to the end.

so like the characters in the novel, start with your calves, go muscle by muscle, know what you are made of, predict which ones will become your biggest obstacles, and then when you encounter them, don't bump into them head on with the determination to die, just get around them.

the consultant told me that she was going to work somewhere else next month, and we had been discussing our original goal for four months, and it was time to come to an end.

to tell you the truth, when I asked this question, I sensed my dependence on psychological counseling at the bottom of my heart. It seems that what I can't say or dare not say in life can be fully accepted here, so I hope it will continue.

I said I remember her answer at that time: "in fact, from a scientific point of view, people's attention lasts at most for an hour, and if it grows longer, they will feel tired and out of focus."

this sentence is not only the conclusion of our "consult-be consulted" relationship, but also the conclusion of the difficult period from August to March.

it is only after one phase is really over that another phase really begins.

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when I wrote this article, I was actually very confused.

but I wrote it anyway, because I think the whole world is asking us, "Why are you unhappy?" At that time, as a disorganized editor, I would like to take this opportunity to tell my readers:

in this emotional trough, all you have to do is to ask for help and relieve yourself as much as possible, even if the effect is not satisfactory. There is no need to feel that you have failed the help of the people around you and become more anxious.

good night.

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