Don't miss the thoughts you want.

Don't miss the thoughts you want.
Disorganized fifth anniversary.

as one of them, I think of something more or less.

ps: can't draw and clutter belong to the same company.

checked it carefully. It was March 4th of last year.

I was working as a copywriter in an advertising company at that time.

so when I read the news and knew that I was looking for a writer, I was very excited.

it took me two days to pick three of the articles I had written, wrote my resume email, and pressed the send button.

I went backstage and asked him, "is the recruitment of the writer over?"

then continue waiting.

"wait a minute."

then continue waiting.

it's actually a tough process.

June is getting closer and closer to me, and anxiety and fear about the future are getting bigger and bigger.

can only wait.

I can't feel discouraged.

my girlfriend comforted me and then told me:

I shook my head and said I had asked enough times.

if you want to, press the dice expression in Wechat.

I sighed and breathed a sigh of relief:

but my girlfriend changed her face:

"you ask him again, really, for the last time."

because I listened to her, I went backstage to ask Zepeng again.

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"this is my WeChat account. Let's talk."

when Zepeng asked me for a pseudonym, I applied for one:


the manuscript is outside of everyday life. One day, Zepeng suddenly stopped answering my messages.

Didi on Wechat the next day, he still ignored me.

panicked and thought, is it because the topic selection is so poor that you lose the qualification to be taken care of?

under the principle of not disturbing others, Wechat no longer disturbs him.

means that I have a chance to meet Zepeng offline. Maybe he is free, and I can talk to him about the topic.

apply for volunteers immediately, and at the same time, taking advantage of the geographical advantage of the school's proximity to the activity site, he became a volunteer monitor (proud).

Zepeng's idea is: "how did you get there?"

the reason is that the first time I met them, I said directly, "Hello, I'm your writer. I'd like to talk to you about the topic."

after the chat, we identified one of them.

at that time, he first wrote a manuscript, but Zepeng thought it was no good.

I chose comics.

and comics take more time than words.

after working overtime every night, I went home and took out the board to draw. I was not skilled enough at that time, so I often drew until two or three o'clock.

I have a feeling, it's done.

also on the third day.

until one day, Zepeng stopped writing my manuscript.

before I left, Zepeng dragged me to a group. After I finished handing over the writer to the thorns, I never heard back from me again. (tough guy)

while thorns are managed differently, his idea is that every Thursday afternoon, all the writers go to the cluttered office to hold offline topic selection meetings.

but I have a regular job, which is very difficult.

what to do? if you don't go, it feels like all the opportunities will be wasted.

I couldn't get the answer, so I had to follow the horn on the side of the road and sigh as I walked.

go directly to the department boss's office and talk to her about my troubles.

interestingly, my boss bypassed the topic.

I scratched my head and said I didn't think that much.

suddenly a little ashamed, afraid to look her in the eye, said yes.

"it doesn't matter to me whether or not to ask for leave on Thursday afternoon, as long as you finish your work, I can."

then every Thursday afternoon, I ask for leave and go to the topic selection meeting.

on the way, she asked me:

I thought for a moment and said:

she didn't say much, nor did she mention that she wanted to change my job before. she just said:

"Thank you."

thanks to one more friend, I ended up in this cluttered company.

I said I didn't have any plans for the weekend. I might just play with my computer and write manuscripts at home.

so all day on Sunday, he lay on the bed playing with his cell phone, and I sat at the next table and drew all day.

but he would come and take a peek from time to time to see where I was drawing. Like a covert supervisor.

until the whole article is finished.

as a result, the thorn said:

We always say that form is actually auxiliary to the content and is secondary, so I replied:

he said, "the content is also good."

I said yes, but the thorns didn't talk to me anymore.

more importantly, after a while, Zepeng suddenly asked for me on Wechat.

it was finally fixed for 12:00 noon.

he asked me, "I'd like to invite you. Would you like to come?"

instead, he froze.

I also froze and thought, aren't you here to invite me? Why are you kicking me out now?

"emmmmm, I'll go."

"well, figure it out for yourself anyway."

this is the beginning of my inability to draw a publishing house.

now I still appreciate every moment in the story.

and so on.

when our team encourages people, we always like to say:

Yes, it was the worst for me a year ago, doing a job I didn't like and sighing every day.

Of course it's easy to say, but it's hard to step out.

but fortunately, after every step, I stepped out on my own.

/Egg Link /

do you know? In the end, Zepeng hasn't read my resume.

Egg two

an idea suddenly popped into my mind: is it possible that one day, I can be one of them?

Egg three

when we met again as a writer, he forgot about me.

Egg four

she said, "Oh, you mean you're going to another company every Thursday afternoon?" Think of us as a springboard? "

Egg five

so yesterday's celebration is:

hee finished.

good night ~


is it good?