Don't lose your heart.

Don't lose your heart.
It doesn't solve everything.

I asked again, "what are you drinking?"

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"I'm not serious, okay? I just asked her what to drink." Then I turned to Liu Bai and asked, "was I serious?"

everyone laughed, and I tried to excuse my performance: "We have to respect the shopkeeper, okay? they don't make every drink so hard to get us a 'whatever'."

I am indomitable: "but at least the moment we drink, we will feel happy."

I paused for several seconds and stopped talking. Because I found our discussion meaningless. Although I can quote famous quotes such as "there is joy in every inch", I also know that these can be dispelled by the mourning logic of "one must die" in her bones.

later, when I returned to the office, I asked Liu Bai, "Why are young people so depressed?"

two months ago, she broke up with her boyfriend for the reason: "I feel very tired with you." She told me that she hardly dared to fall asleep during the breakup because she felt that the fact that she was still sad the next day was so heavy that she forced herself to lose sleep.

"it was the mourning that made me better." She said.

and then because "I'm going to die tonight", the sadness at this moment becomes insignificant. Over time, it will pass that hurdle, no longer melancholy.

the former is the driving force for moving forward, while the latter is the amulet of standing still.

but it also reminds me of a somewhat sad question: "if this quilt can really isolate sadness, will it also isolate other emotions?"

so "pain" is actually one of the self-protection mechanisms of human beings.

and now the funeral, which is popular among us, is nibbling away at it.

the punch that hits you is no longer painful, but the tickle when teasing you doesn't work either.

you are so weak that one day you really turn depression into depression and become a real pessimist.

not to mention taking care of your aging parents, take another trip with someone you like.

so I told you not to be bereaved, not because it is inconsistent with my three values, but because I have found something more harmful in the logic of mourning.

there is always only one thing in your eyes, whether it is "ex", "book", "writing" or "design", you can only be an "idiot".

at the same time, delusion is the root of bereavement: because there is no way to pull away, so negate everything.

bereavement does make everything easier, but it doesn't make everything better.

Please promise me tonight that you will not be bereaved in order to get better.

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