Don't let me eat at the bottom of the sea alone.

Don't let me eat at the bottom of the sea alone.
Can you stay with me?

because most of the things I think need to wait are like a 1.8 basketball teenager, dazzling when watching in the stands, but falling in love with him is often lower than you expect.

so if I were asked to make a choice:

one is Shaxian, which does not need to wait in line, and the other is Haidilao, which needs to wait for two hours, I will not hesitate to choose Shaxian.

not to mention that I was biased before, Haidilao is a laboratory for Douyin enthusiasts to try new recipes.

since I mentioned earlier, this must be a sore article.

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Last week, as a person who dared to seek truth, I invited A Yao, a friend addicted to Haidilao, to experience the whole process of queuing and dining with me.

is shown below.

one or 18:00, the first package of rice dumplings.

arrive at the store.

A Yao boasts to me first, and you will have the most comfortable waiting experience in history.

take a look at your phone. There are 18 tables ahead. The current table has not been updated for 15 minutes. I gave her a "all right, what else can I do" smile.

I look around. There are four baby machines, two lipstick machines, three street electricity and one incoming call.

with a place to spend time and store energy, I have some confidence in tonight.

then I saw a deodorant machine, pressed the button, and the fragrance of lemon mixed with water droplets and the wind rushed straight to my body. Close your eyes and immediately have the pleasure of singing "you are electricity, you are light" in the tuyere.

We bent down, raised our hands and turned around, playing with the seven-second spray more than a dozen times, taking care of our limbs, faces and hair until we were sprayed into two moving toilet deodorant balls.

the salvage waiter will try his best to reduce the time when customers do their own work, and even the sour plum soup next to it will always be filled up.

"stupid! I'll get the water! "

but in reality, we often don't see grandma several times a year, and maybe she's too old to cook; our correspondence doesn't have a friend who listens to you late at night and eats with you; boyfriends don't know what you want most of the time.

but what does it matter? Just be nice to me now.

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