Don't give up being together just because you're afraid of trouble.

Don't give up being together just because you're afraid of trouble.
That's what I really want to say to you.

I don't quite remember how the cute and cute-looking girl in my high school class was chased by the poor students in the next class, probably some touching compromises.

for example, he, who originally went to the playground to play basketball after class, stood on the aisle outside our class on time five minutes before school, and went home together when the girls came out.

for example, Wechat is full of female friends who delete the rest one by one in front of her.

at a time when he didn't have much knowledge or money, it should be a great sacrifice, because it means he is willing to change part of himself for the girl he likes.

in less than a week, he got rid of the girl unilaterally.

are you afraid that you are worse than your girlfriend?

some of them even told me stories about how they chose to break up because their girlfriend's family conditions were good, or they made progress faster than themselves, and they didn't want her to be dragged down by herself. At the end of the story, they left in a very uniform way, just like the boy, without any explanation.

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it seems that people often forget that the only people they can get into trouble are those who are willing to be bothered by themselves.

I think she's right.

the troublesome person made a dress for the troublesome person

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