Don't cool down yet. I don't have the money to buy clothes.

Don't cool down yet. I don't have the money to buy clothes.
This time, we'll save you money.

it is hot and cold, and the spring, summer, autumn and winter are all over in one day.

so, in the cluttered office, there is such a strange conversation.

"aren't you cold if you dress like this?"

whenever there is a change of season in summer and autumn, I will see a post like this in moments:

Today is very simple. I want to share several no trouble summer and autumn simple ways for troublesome people who have bought "I am very troublesome" four-color tee in this troublesome weather.


bottom: the lower body of my troublesome black dress

is about to put on a new one. The advantage of this matching is that loose skirts will look thinner visually.

in addition, the color of the upper yellow and the lower black is very white.


bottom: HM black wide-legged pants

there is a clear dividing line between the upper body and the lower body, on the one hand, because of the color of the upper and lower body, on the other hand, the stripe length tee separates the whole layer very well.

coat: my troublesome purple TEE lining: HM backing white long TEE

shoes: VANS

(Tip: tuck the coat into the skirt)

Top: I am very troublesome gray TEE inner match: HM stripe length TEE

shoes: NIKE slippers

buy the "I am very troublesome +" specific combination, the total price is reduced by 30 yuan.

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