"Don't be too far away from me."

"Don't be too far away from me."
The protagonist of tonight's story is not a young man.

my grandfather and I are far away. He lives in the country. His family advised him to come and live with him in the city, but he didn't agree. Grandpa is a vague impression in my life.

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until the uncle said the address, Grandpa's smile disappeared almost at the same time.

"I don't agree." Grandpa said word by word, "No, it's so far away." The atmosphere in the presence of

suddenly became awkward. In fact, the house is not far away. It takes less than 20 minutes to get there by motorcycle or taxi.

but Grandpa always pursed his mouth and refused to nod.

at New year's Eve dinner, everyone gathered around and bowed their heads to play with their mobile phones, without saying a word. At this time, Grandpa will scold everyone angrily, whether it is dad, uncle or our grandchildren, will be scolded by him.

and out of respect for the elderly, every time we will coax and a little deal with the good, we will change, don't be angry.

after everyone had a lot of talk, Grandpa suddenly shouted, "I don't understand what you're saying." But do you want to leave me alone? "

then it dawned on me that Grandpa's phrase "so far away" meant "so far away from him".

I also remember that my brother once tugged at my sleeve and secretly told me that there were many new barber shop flyers on my grandfather's desk.

he defended himself in a low voice: "I'm not greedy for petty gain. I just want to take care of my old bones without you taking care of me."

that's why he began to work hard to accept the smartphones and hairdresses he once rejected, so that he didn't even dare to get sick.

I looked at the neat and brand-new change in the bag, and at the box of health tea in my hand that I was about to throw away. I remembered that in normal days, he bought discounted vegetables alone, cheap rice, did not spend his pension, always saved, lived frugally, and even hesitated to install an air conditioner in his room in summer.

just like before, he wanted us to go to distant places to study, work and see more of the world, but now I can think of how he tore up the calendar hanging on the wall and counted down the days day by day. calculate when we'll be back.

he is doing all this vaguely, expressing his thoughts vaguely, just trying to tell us: " I won't be a burden, and don't leave me." "

Don't be too far away from me

this heart will be led away by you again.

that night, my uncle suddenly paused while eating and pretended to inadvertently say, "actually, that house is a little expensive. I know there is one. It's close to here, and it's not bad."

in the past, we have always treated our grandfather with coaxing attitude. we have never thought of changing ourselves, but it is the white-haired old man who has been making a change.

Old people are easy to get sick. Every time they get sick, my parents will drive to the countryside to pick them up to see a doctor in the city.

Mother said: "I have advised many times, but they are unwilling to say that they are afraid of bothering us." When I first heard this, I was sad for a long time.

it is mentioned in a strange story that many old people are old because they are afraid to take a bath. Taking a bath is too risky for them and may slip. In order to avoid risks and bring trouble to their children, they may only take a bath once in a few days.

it is because of us that they are willing to become "old people".

whether it's distance or heart.

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