Disorganized × todaynowind fisherman's hat lookbook list.

Disorganized × todaynowind fisherman's hat lookbook list.
I'm one of the most important things. Let's get some sleep.

next, let's take a look at this group of lookbook filmed by Pepe and Chen Lian.

long tee and trousers are all todaynowind 17AW series

I think you should listen to some things about the product, so let me talk to you about the pre-sale of the todaynowind fisherman's hat yesterday.

to be honest, thank you very much for your support.

in fact, we didn't expect that all of them would be sold out at first, so after hearing the news yesterday, we immediately urged the factory to increase the order.

another thing is that tee, who is co-signed with SUPERTOFU, will also meet with you.

finally, the koala left you a Cantonese voice as today's egg.

finally, tomorrow is the weekend, so have a good weekend in advance.

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