"Digital Baby": the last part of the post-90s childhood.

"Digital Baby": the last part of the post-90s childhood.
Behind the infinite dream, through the ruthless world.

after diving into iPad 00, it is probably hard to imagine that their peers 10 years ago unloaded their schoolbags when they came home from school every day. The first thing they did was to drill in front of the TV.

that is a special memory of the post-85-95 generation, not before, but later. Probably not.

from the earliest "Astro Boy", "Slam Dunk" and "Iron Train Man" to "four Wheel Brothers", "Lightbringer" and "Magic Card Young Girl Sakura", followed by "Doraemon", "Crayon Xiaoxin", "Pet Elf" and "Dragon Ball", "Tennis Prince" and "Detective Conan".

the childhood of post-90s is inseparable from daily life.

but in the past less than a year, in order to protect the domestic animation market, SARFT has issued a ban on overseas cartoons. Since then, it is almost impossible to see the existence of foreign animation on TV.

when he was thrown out at that time, he had no choice but to hand over the baton to Pleasant Goat, the last nationwide hit.

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Digital Baby is an exception. The original intention of this work is to promote an electronic pet.

so when "Digital Baby" premiered on Fuji TV in Japan in 1999, most people did not care about the animation, and the most popular comments were "Pet Elf" and "an advertising animation".

even Wandai has to change from "animation catering to products" to "products catering to animation", a major transformation, and launched the classic "Divine Plan" digital Tyrannosaurus machine in "Digital Baby".

the time in animation is also in 1999, due to the disconnected digital world and reality, there are all kinds of supernatural phenomena around the world-rainforest drying up, summer snow, desert flooding.

each of them has his own badge, which represents courage, friendship, love, knowledge, innocence, honesty, hope and light.

eight people, using the Internet as a battlefield, continue to grow in adventure, and finally solve the mysteries of both worlds.

(sub-supply: suitable for watching at a young age)

there are too many lingering memory points.

in the process of looking for the badge, Taiyi, the captain who already holds the badge of courage, wants the ancient beast to evolve into a complete body.

so he became radical, rushed to the head, and there was a wall in front of him, so he broke through the wall.

regardless of the feelings of the ancient beast, he just repeatedly said to it, "you can do it."

and just when Taiyi was almost killed, the badge of courage lit up and the divine plan shook crazily.

the zombie Tyrannosaurus rex has a strong desire for destruction and no distinction between us and the enemy. After killing the enemy in seconds, the companions are seriously injured one by one, and the prototype is not degraded until they are exhausted.

his terrible image and powerful fighting force have made him a childhood nightmare for many people.

at that time, when the bhikkhu was wiped out, he still wanted to fight to the death with injuries. He was tightly held by Su Na and reprimanded that he was not allowed to go again. One man, one animal, struggled in place for a long time.

on the screen she shed tears and shouted, "Why don't you ever understand me?"

Suna is a football player at school. She likes playing football and often gets hurt. Every time she came home, she was reprimanded by her mother, who was a professor of flower arrangement, and repeatedly asked her to give up football and go home to learn flower arrangement.

because of this, Su-na has always been bitter about it and feels that she is the one who is not loved.

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remembering this, she was stunned for a moment, then suddenly let go of her hand, followed the bhikkhu and rushed to Boss to die.

when I grow up, I suddenly realize that my parents' love may or may not be understood.

he said that curiosity is the most useless thing and the most unhappy thing to live.

Photo Lang, who has no thirst for knowledge, is not interested in everything and acts under the command of brain demons. Even when Taiyi is in danger, he has no intention to understand it.

ironically, the brain devil collects the heart of seeking knowledge in order to sell it in exchange for poop.

Children only think it's funny, while adults think cartoons are bullshit.

such people can be found everywhere in the real world.

at a time when all digital beasts show their power, only the Bada beast of Ah Wu remains in its infancy for a long time.

it cares very much, but there is nothing it can do, so it has to fire a very low-power air cannon every time, hoping that it can become stronger.

all digital beasts take out their best, evolve and kill skills in order to protect Ah Wu. As a result, the demon beasts remain motionless, abusing the digital beasts of six mature stages to the death.

"Why am I the only one who can't evolve? I really don't want to give up."

A casual hope can only be called Rakuten at best.

what is vulgar about many teenage blood cartoons is that at first they all seem to have a lot of companions, but in the end they all become green leaves, only to match the continuous development and growth of the protagonist.

regardless of the importance of pen and ink, it is taboo in the screenwriter. Lack of skill can easily cause everyone to become a role in soy sauce.

and this point is arranged from the beginning of creation-the author "Zhao you of his hometown" is not one person, but the whole creator.The common pseudonym of the team.

there is no walk-on in this world. Everyone has his own bright spot and should be remembered.

Wada Guangji's Butter-Fly is a song that can ignite every post-90s song.

obviously no one knows Japanese or the meaning of the lyrics, but together with music, those days when they clung to the TV and refused to let go, and those days when they fantasized about becoming a "chosen child," memories of more than a decade ago all flooded into my mind with the drumbeat.

and the on-screen comment is bound to be maxed out.

"the infinite dream is full of love."

he said that even if the world has nothing and is ruthless, it must have infinite dreams.

in 2011, Wada announced that he had throat cancer, suspended all work and began treatment.

the degree of browsing on moments on that day was no less than Jay Chou's "waiting for your class", which overwhelmed the entire social media in China.

in fact, I didn't know until later that Uncle Kwang himself is not very influential in Japan. At best, he is just an ordinary singer.

but two days after the news of his death was announced, Uncle Guang's Facebook was suddenly maxed out, and tens of thousands of memorial posts poured to the home page, all from all over the world.

countless people's childhood stopped on April 3, 2016.

are all taken away by time.

but what remains in the hearts of most people will always be the most classic "Digital Baby 01".

without Taiyi's sunglasses, Ah he's harmonica, Suna and Mei Mei's hat, Phoebe Lang's computer, Ah Suk's eyes, Ah Wu's backpack, and Jiar's whistle, even the sequel can't bring people back to the past.

Digital Baby 01 has become a work that can no longer be surpassed and replaced.

after Koji Wada's undead butterfly finally flew away.

but fortunately, at the end of the story, with the dream of infinite extension, it is constantly crossing in this ruthless world.

it teaches us that even when we grow up, finding reality always makes people cry.

mourn heavily


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