Did you get off work?

Did you get off work?
Three months ago, I got my first job.

but because the job was boring and I couldn't get along with my colleagues, I submitted my resignation without working for two weeks.

I shrugged to show that I didn't know and didn't care.

"that's why you feel bored at work, because you only see it as a task, not as an expression of your own value."

to be honest, I was touched not because of how clever the suggestion was, but because it made me realize that I didn't even have a basic knowledge of the workplace.

June is coming soon, and a large number of graduates are about to enter the workplace or have already entered the workplace, so we have made such a solicitation for "work suggestions".

what should you pay attention to in your first job

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how to get along with strange colleagues

Trust your colleagues, but don't blindly trust your colleagues.

Don't listen or say right or wrong, do more good deeds and keep smiling.

suitable for men and women, buy snacks to share, three times is almost enough. Boys, whether you smoke or not, always keep a box of good cigarettes in your pocket, preferably Yuxi, Furong King and above.

Don't complain too much about the company and the leadership to your colleagues, because you don't know which day your colleagues will become your superiors.

Don't be too nice to anyone, don't be bad to anyone, and don't hate anyone. One day you'll have to work with someone you hate.

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when you encounter problems and tasks, try your best to ask all the details that you don't understand. After all, work is about efficiency and allows you to make mistakes, but don't bother others.

I've been working on HR for a year and a half. What I want to tell you is that it's more cost-effective to spend a few minutes confirming job requirements and examples with your boss than spending hours afterwards.

Don't be too eager. Some people may be lucky to have new orders and customers all of a sudden, while others need to accumulate, allowing themselves to accumulate customers in the early and later stages.

the first time to do something wrong is to remedy rather than explain.

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@ your hair is messy

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learn to relax, plan well, and take your time is the fastest way.

I have been engaged in finance for eight years, and the experience is to think more about what problems or conditions may arise and what solutions there may be at the current stage of the work (project). There must always be Plan B.

make a daily work plan in the morning and learn to review.

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try to understand what others are saying and don't let them repeat it again, otherwise no one will be willing to teach you patiently for a long time.

in summing up these suggestions, I found that most of them are what we have heard, such as reviewing, planning, smiling, and doing things at the beginning and end.

"Review" may mean that you don't get home from work until 12:00, only to turn on your computer sleepily and review the work of the day.

but immature, it will only cost you more.

author /Zhang Ai

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