"Dad, I actually had a puppy love."

"Dad, I actually had a puppy love."
It was only at the age of 24 that he dared to admit that he had been in puppy love.

but in the most important stage of my love outlook,

I dare not let my parents know that I was in puppy love.

but I haven't flinched because of this, and I still get together when I meet someone I like. It's just that the days become scary, and every minute and every second at home is like an espionage movie.

later, when I was in junior high school, I learned that a friend in the next class had puppy love known by his mother. But his mother did not hit him, but was very happy, boasting to everyone that someone wanted his child.

like many regular parents, my father allowed me to fall in love as soon as I went to college.

one is my father on the highway, patting my thigh and saying, "I'm afraid you'll never get a wife."

I remember it deeply. Because it was one of the few moments when I could feel that my father cared about my emotional life.

they do not know that their children used to write love letters very well, they did not know that their children were actually very popular, and they did not know that their children would be unable to eat when they were lovelorn.

I thought about bringing it up before, but I didn't dare to mention it.

the only pity is that my parents didn't go through it with me.

my mother came to the conclusion that I was angry through a series of symptoms such as poor sleep, listlessness, and inability to eat.

A lot of young people look awkward when they are lovelorn. Friends know that, but their families haven't seen it a few times.

I was out walking at night. I couldn't help it and called home. My mother asked me what was wrong. I said I was in a bad mood, but she said she was not popular with girls.

my mother half joked and half seriously talked to me about love that day. There are a lot of old-fashioned ideas, but I'm more or less beginning to know what my mother thinks of love.

later, I began to talk to my mother about part of my previous love experience. When she heard it, she would ask me if I was the one and what I looked like.

I feel very sad that I have to wait until I am past the age of puppy love before I can talk about puppy love with my family. but fortunately, because of my stories and accidents, my mother has come to understand part of my view of love.

such a scene should be something I dared not imagine a few years ago when I was in puppy love.

when he heard this, he stared at first, then snorted, finally shook his head and smiled again.

I have been wondering today why my father finally smiled and shook his head yesterday.

that laugh, maybe half laugh at my disobedience, the other half laugh at themselves that puppy love is a scourge.

I think our generation is almost the last batch of children with the concept of "puppy love", at least I hope so.

what I'd rather see is that parents are willing to tell their children:

"Don't be afraid, stay with him if you like."

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