"come on, let's go eat meat."

"come on, let's go eat meat."
About a Japanese drama called "Unnatural".

it comes from the second episode of the Japanese drama Unnatural.

those who have not seen it should not have guessed that the title of the episode of this sunny line is "Letters from those who seek death".

Japan has a high suicide rate.

"Lemon" is the theme song of the Japanese drama "Unnatural". Three of the lyrics are:

what have you witnessed?

what happens to people who commit suicide before they decide to commit suicide? we don't know. The only thing that is clear is that he may have reached his own limit.

I guess it's this pity that Unnatural tells a story about suicides.

because I was very young at that time, I remembered that I had forgotten a lot of details. I only remember her crying when she was helped into the ambulance.

the voice is: "No."

when I saw her smiling later, I always guessed wishfully that when she was helped into the ambulance, she didn't cry because she didn't die, but because she strong> but luckily she didn't die.

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at the top of the search results, the first sentence is: "the world is not perfect, but we can still heal ourselves."

in this world, there is a voice in the hearts of many people who want to say to those who are extremely sad: "No."

only China has the word "mourning". It does not mean "Sad", nor does it mean "Hurt", much less does it mean "Despair".

it is somewhere between hope and despair.

they hit sentence after sentence at the cold screen:

"I'm so tired."

"Unnatural" depicts such a group of people. The suicide note of people who commit suicide says, "I wish I could die like this. Anyway, no one will care about me."

until I saw the sentence " have time to despair, I might as well eat something delicious and go to bed."

about a year ago, in March, 17 years ago, I had a very painful period. When I sat in front of the computer writing every day, I couldn't write a word.

then one day when I passed the commissary, I saw a group of people around the refrigerator, one happily handing an ice cream to the other.

so I bought one myself and ate it in the hallway outside the dormitory while looking at the dim yellow street lamp downstairs.

I still find it hard to believe that the two-and-a-half ice cream in the snack bar accompanied me through that most difficult period.

this is the function of hope. It does not improve people's situation, but it gives people the strength to get through it.

it can be ice cream, it can be to eat meat, it can be a song, anything.

in the second episode of Unnatural, the conversation that touched me the most took place in the car that fell under the water.

Ten yuan blocked the leak, saying very firmly: " as long as there is a little oxygen, we will not die."

ten yuan: " hold your breath, don't move, don't swim, you can last two or three minutes ."

she paused and she said the following sentence.