Come here and I'll buy you milk tea.

Come here and I'll buy you milk tea.
Come on in. I'll buy you a drink.

"come here and I'll buy you milk tea."

in the end, I don't know whether to buy it or not, but it doesn't matter. The main reason is to let the girl find that she is reluctant to give up this world with milk tea, not only she, but probably all the girls are reluctant to give up.

when I took the bus home from primary school, the ten-yuan bill broke into small change, which was heavy in my pocket. I mistakenly thought I was a big family. After getting off the bus, I confidently walked into the snacks across from the station. Only after I weighed a handful of chocolates did I realize that I was wrong.

"Boss, I want a cup of Strawberry Milk Tea and a cup of pearl milk tea." I pulled out a coin and straightened my chest again. Now I think I am not only a rich man, but also a nouveau riche. This is because I didn't know until a long time later. If I want strawberry flavor and pearls, I can order "Strawberry Milk Tea plus pearls". Even longer later, I also know. It turned out that Strawberry Milk Tea, who was really delicious, was not washed out with powder.

this is probably the difference between milk tea and cola, both are delicious, but Coke is like NPC, no matter how long you walk out and look back, it looks like that, while milk tea is more like a friend.

roommate A Bing quarreled with her boyfriend on Valentine's Day because of a cup of milk tea.

my boyfriend asked A Bing at that time, "can't you buy milk tea another day?"

Sublime in their elegance, sexy white dresses make your appearance regally glittery. Let them shower you with a display of exquisite taste.

boys always don't seem to understand that girls are not demonized creatures, and it doesn't necessarily take a lot of money to make them happy. Sometimes a cup of milk tea can make them happy all afternoon.

happy, drink a cup of milk tea will be happier, sad, a mouthful of milk cover down, warm from the throat to the stomach, angry, chew a few pearls, most of the anger, even if bored, anxious, at least buy milk tea this action can ease attention.

A cup of ordinary pearl milk tea, about ten yuan, the most luxurious, about thirty yuan, a cup of happy tea, plus scalpers, will not exceed a hundred (I am in Beijing).

Girls for milk tea, in a sense, is no longer a desire, but a demand, just like people who stay up late need coffee, many girls desire from milk tea, far from satisfying the desire for tongue, but a kind of relaxation, comfort and support.

and the word "milk tea" seems to have its own magic.

this kind of happiness is inexplicable, but it makes people smile.

Happiness is very simple. Happiness bought by ten yuan is not necessarily different from that bought by a thousand yuan. As long as you like, happiness can even be free. A ray of sunshine and a gust of wind can be the source of happiness.

and feeling happy is something to be proud of, not because you like milk tea and don't like western food, but because you are really happy to drink milk tea.

because the thing of "really like one thing" is already rare.

see if we can buy you a little

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