College students who died during the summer vacation

College students who died during the summer vacation
Summer is almost over.

in fact, I think there is some misunderstanding about this story. In fact, I am not writing about mourning. I am not reconciled to it. And in order to let you understand that this is not reconciled, I compressed my past few summers into "one day", so that all the emotions are generated in the day, and then end in the middle of the day.


morale, which should have been rising all the way, began to decline in the second week of the summer vacation, but with the arrival of the third week, not to mention "falling back", it even fell below my original standard of living.

get up at 8: 00 in the morning and go downstairs to eat rice noodle roll;

watch a movie to relax and eat;

go to bed at 12: 30 on time.

because my life begins at night, it is only at 11:00 in the evening that I begin to realize that I have done nothing today.

I finally lay in bed, but because I couldn't beat the guilt, I had to plan my big plans for the next day in my mind. I couldn't fall asleep until 3 o'clock.


I finally put on my sports dry clothes and running shoes, only to find my mother watching at the door: "where are you going? hurry into the kitchen and get the food out."

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at this time, a thought came to mind: "it's time to exercise."

so I picked up a copy of the Fifteen years of Wanli to study it, but in less than half an hour, Wechat rang again, and my friend asked, "where is the sushi restaurant you mentioned earlier in Guangzhou?"

I don't know if it was because I stayed up too late last night, which led to lack of spirit during the day. Without watching a clock, I accidentally fell asleep.

I lean forward, keep my upper arm and forearm as 90 degrees as possible, lift my legs at a uniform speed, and then land on my heels first. The coach said it would make the legs look better, although I don't know why I care about the legs.

finally, after struggling to run five kilometers, I picked up my phone and took a picture of my running shoes.

when it was all over, I received my mother's Wechat message: "who did you go out with again? are you coming back for dinner tonight?"

I typed a long sentence, but finally deleted it all, saying only one word: "back."

11:00 in the evening.

because, like me, they try to control their lives with alcohol that they can't control.

of course, even this endless cycle of summer vacation will usher in countless "surprises" that belong to it.

I answered neatly: "I can't find it."

I know all this truth, but I just can't win the pride in my heart.

I was very sad that day, thinking that I must change something and not lose to them.

after 15 minutes of hesitation, I sent it out: "do you have an order today?"

I also replied in a second: "flyers."

I said, "if you want to pick up girls, you have no money."

"do you have an order?"

"well, what kind of girl are you asking?"

but it doesn't matter. I didn't expect fate to favor me anyway, so I looked all over my friends who were doing summer jobs at McDonald's and KFC and asked them, "are you still hiring?"

until this moment, I didn't know why I couldn't catch up with her in the first place.


when we feel that life is like a ditch of stagnant water, we can vaguely know that something is wrong.

at this point, the subconscious thinks that his status quo is unchangeable, so he is simply satisfied with the status quo.

"maybe I can only be a salted fish."

"Ah, it's a pleasure to waste your life."

believe me, you won't.

maybe we have the opportunity, the time, or even everything we lack, but we are always limited by self-mockery and extreme labels because of our weak willpower.

I am not reconciled.

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