Cao Baoping's answer was disorganized.

Cao Baoping's answer was disorganized.
In fact, in a sense, this film shows you the unusual behind what you may be used to.

this movie is actually related to many things in our lives.

I think this is very normal (story), because the father or daughter that happened in this room, all these things are actually very everyday, but we don't look back at the problems behind people.

Cao Baoping answer: the most important thing is how to view such an adult world, or teenagers, adolescent children, how to view the world. In fact, Li play's parents, grandparents, all love her. It's just that their relationship is misplaced, so they don't give what Li wants.

Cao Baoping answer: can be said to exist, but "abandonment" is an act, not a "relationship". The reason why you have this feeling is essentially because the relationship between father and daughter in the story, or the relationship between elders and children is not equal, or the aforementioned "dislocation", so what emotional needs do children have? or when you put forward any request, the elders will not consider it from your point of view, but will only consider how to view this kind of thing from the point of view of the elders. So this "dislocation" leads to the "sense of abandonment" that you mentioned.

then your film actually magnifies an extreme situation, but the parenting idea of a famous writer is to let children have a pure childhood, such as the plot of fighting and killing in the Legend of the Water margin will not be told to the children. Do you think children who are too well protected will feel more frustrations, or create sadness, than children like Li who have experienced many setbacks since childhood when facing the file of society?

I actually think you have to have this ability sooner or later, and you have to face it sooner or later. There is no need to worry about the child who is overprotected. The reason why we are human is that when we make the final choice, we will choose the method that can best match the world.

readers ask: A lot of movies they end up with a summary with the final subtitles. Then I would like to ask, what is the meaning of your last sentence, "cruelty to animals is prohibited in this film"?

then foreigners feel completely unbearable. So in fact, typing that line also has something to do with that.

Cao Baoping answer: of course it is possible that this film is very close and delicate from the perspective of Li playing. In fact, it talks about the very subtle and complex psychology of girls during adolescence, and then it may be very easy for everyone to sympathize with this girl. Moreover, I think her sensitivity and hurt is because we cut it apart, so people will have that kind of feeling.

but in fact, when you were growing up unaware of it, you didn't realize these things.

but personally, I don't think I have any attitude or tendency towards his parents, including even his stepparents. I am quite negative, because I think they are reasonable.

but when we are inside, such a Li playing with her own world, in the magnified situation, maybe we will look at things from a different perspective.

is when you remove another point of view from others, and then you force the audience into your narrative mode, any feeling /reason can be established.

then grandparents are the same, I am actually a very objective point of view.

this film won a prize at a foreign film festival. It is called Einstein and Einstein in English. The two dogs Li played with in the film are also named Einstein. Does such a name mean anything? My own guess is that Einstein is a German name, which means "a stone" in German, so I think the two Einstein here not only refer to the dog in the film, but also symbolize the girl Li playing with herself, in the process of her growing up, Li plays like a small stone, bringing sharp pain to the people around her, while constantly being polished more smooth?

because there is a nonsense, his original name is "Einstein and Einstein" is the earliest name, but because Einstein is a great scientist, and then named the dog after a scientist! This is how we thought it was unacceptable when we reviewed the film.

male readers ask: is that I am mainly concerned about her brother's problem, that is, when I first watched it, because we noticed that this film implied that his parents preferred sons over daughters, and then his younger brother was also very agreeable and very pleasing to adults.

the feeling that it will be thrown back into the meat grinder and molded into a sausage again.

Cao Baoping replied: you've got it all, that's what it means.

and then at the end of "fall on the ice again and again, get up again and again", I think that meaning has been made very clear, that is what you mean.

this movie just magnifies these problems.

so I don't think "these things" can be selectively forgotten or let go.

because most of the time, we either selectively forget, or we don't look at the more complex things that have a more far-reaching impact on you.

this is this film, and it may be the most meaningful reason for me.

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