Breaking up is the only way for us to fall in love.

Breaking up is the only way for us to fall in love.
But I never regret getting in the car.

but then added, "but we could break up at any time."

what makes me sad is that she is clearly in love, but she announces to us with a wry smile.

@ Amy

when I watched Zhiming and Chunjiao before, the line that moved me most was "it is a blessed thing for us to be together."

Q: what did he impress you about?

I am a very difficult person to fall asleep. I can only fall asleep quickly in an absolutely quiet and dark environment, because a little light and sound will make my mind nervous. So I hardly listen to music or listen to the radio when I can't sleep.

but I don't seem to reject the sound he makes, and I can sleep soundly. He was also the first person who would coax me to sleep and then sleep on my own.

he asked me how I felt about sense of security. I said, I think sense of security is a feeling of being sure that the other person will never hurt me.

I guess he can give me sense of security, so I fell asleep peacefully listening to his voice.

Q: if there is really a day when you can't go on, what way would you choose to break up?

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because I am a person who lacks sense of security, I am not interested in this kind of extreme sports, but when I hear him say that, I think the scene of skydiving in the natural scenery is very romantic.

just skydiving is still a little unrealistic. If I really go to the breakup day, I think I will ask him to try the jumping machine of the Guangzhou Tower as a souvenir of the breakup.

@ Lynn

he began to leave school for an internship, and my campus life has just entered the exciting part.

We met him at the drama club recruitment interview in the department, and he happened to stay at school to finish the last month of the course. Later, we played a couple in a sketch play.

one of us is a little round face and the other is a little fat man. The students all say that we look like husband and wife.

after that, we also had an affair for a while, but the two sides struggled whether to confirm the relationship or not.

We don't know each other very well, and each of us is facing a new identity change. He has novel workplace challenges, and I have a colorful campus life.

after it was possible to establish a relationship, I realized that I still wanted a campus relationship that I could stay with at any time. It is also possible that he will meet new girls in the new company.

We are all worried that the distance after that will make everything worse, and it will take time for the two of us to clean up the emotional mess.

I think that if two people really want to be together, the first thing to think about is how to keep us together, rather than what to do when we are in a different place.

I love him, but I don't want to have children for him.

Q: I heard that you both fell in love with each other at first sight?

the night I established the relationship, I kept thinking about what I liked about him in the first place.

well, at that time, my friends all said that he could not hold me. Because I am older than him, and I am usually too unrestrained to indulge in freedom.

author /mustard

Music /Don't Say Goodbye

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author /mustard

Music /Don't Say Goodbye

is it good?