Boys sometimes want to wear skirts.

Boys sometimes want to wear skirts.

the person who is trying on the skirt is not sissy, it's me.

this video was posted on moments by koalas, and from then on I successfully won the title of "Girl training".

one of the reasons why I switched to women's wear.

"troublesome people make a dress for troublesome people that is not troublesome to wear. I hope you like it."

"actually, there's one thing I can't figure out all the time. I'm a little depressed."

"I'm in trouble with that one of yours. Is TEE for those female fans?"

so I came to my wits in a hurry and immediately curved to save the country.

before I could say the word girl, she immediately killed me with a sentence:

I couldn't answer at the moment.

because of work, my girlfriend and I can only see each other on weekends. When I get busy, I even talk to her for less than ten minutes a day.

in fact, my workload has not changed much since then, but after this incident, I began to think about a question:

after that, I often peek at her shopping cart when I have nothing to do. Because I know something called the Law of goodwill: after that, my Taobao favorites doubled the number of women's clothes and paid more attention to the matching bloggers of Little Red Books.

after that, there will be two new autumn and winter items in the last two days.

first of all, because I used to wear men's clothing, when I made up my mind to make up my mind to do women's wear, I was very empty, which stems from inexperience and from being a boy and not having upper-body experience.

however, I would like to share with you some small details of our two new products.

this overalls skirt is very expensive.

in order to restore the military style in the dress gene, we found a factory in Hangzhou to help us weave and dye the fabric, so we have the double pattern fabric shown below.

the first one is that the pattern is special enough that you don't have to say that you can see the pattern crossed by two people.

although the cost of fixed-dyeing fabric is more than half that of ordinary cloth, we believe that when we get it, there will be surprises.

in fact, the lathe worker is one of the grayest areas in the whole clothing production cost.

Ten stitches and nine stitches look the same, but a single piece of clothing can directly add two pieces of profit.

in order to make this dress last longer, we use three stitches and five stitches at the side stitches and back stitches.

of course, the benefit is not only that the numerical value is larger, this kind of stitching will be more refined and can increase the life of the skirt.

about skirt length.

as a boy, I know very well (what my girlfriend told me) that the most fleshy part of most girls is the calf, so as long as it can cover the calf, then the girl can reveal the thinnest part.

Model: EATON

weight: 52

Show a picture to show you:

this sweater is very friendly to "150cm-175cm" girls.

the top is short and the bottom is long, revealing the waistline.

there is another point about high collars.

when it is too cold, you can keep it out of the cold;

the last one is the color, with purple and apricot colors, one more eye-catching, the other looks more clever.


if you think about it, an one-meter piece of cloth, after pre-shrinking, becomes 0.7m.

and more importantly, the pre-shrinkage needs to go to the washing plant, and the whole construction period will be delayed by three to five days.

is to ensure that the ready-made clothes do not shrink greatly, fix the color, and make the ready-made clothes more soft and textured.

in addition, we can guarantee that the current price of these two items is already the lowest preferential price, and the price of the Singles' Day event will not be reduced, please feel free to bid.

strong> strong> strong Tong, Xiaojie


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