Before parting, he posted two songs in moments.

Before parting, he posted two songs in moments.
What matters is not the way you leave, but the way you leave.

I actually felt something about "We might break up" two weeks ago.

before ordering that day, as usual, he showed me the menu.

he didn't seem to notice my embarrassment, but stopped his hand sliding the phone screen, looked up and said, "Why don't I do it?"

did not ask me if I had ordered what I wanted, nor did it guide me, as usual, "would you like to order my favorite beef balls", just saying, "I'll do it."

I tried to tell him the funny things that had happened recently, but he just pulled the corners of his mouth, and then silently gave me the hot meat and vegetables in the pot, with a whisper or two: "do you want more?"

I always think something is wrong.

he always asks first, "what do you want to eat?" Allow me to point at the hot pot and put the food I have chosen into my bowl.


when and because who fell in love with Mai Junlong?

I always remember the breakup clip in Chunjiao and Zhiming.

because before that, she had already smelled leaving from the fact that she had forgotten her mother's birthday and made an appointment to hang out only to meet clients and other "strange behaviors".

every time you press, remind yourself, "you and this person may be coming to an end."

so when it's time to say goodbye, you're ready.

but even so, most people prefer to believe that as long as there is no formal goodbye, it means that everything has taken a turn for the better.

but in the end, I found that I didn't even know how to fill in the signature and address.

before I pick up the pen, I think of the time after the breakup, I wrote down my reflection on this relationship again and again in my diary, and even kept belittling myself.

but in the end, he only waited for the news that he and his ex got back together.

finally admitted that a person with a change of heart, a deteriorating happiness, and a sudden stop before the end of a sentence, many things do not have to ask for a "happy ending".

you might as well choose to delete it to make room for other worthwhile things.

songs /did I eat fried chicken in people's Square

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