Before leaving office, the minister and I had the last midnight snack.

Before leaving office, the minister and I had the last midnight snack.

the new girl's voice is so low that she seems to be putting a needle into her brain, so much so that I miss the days when I could hear my roommate's voice on the way back to my dorm after lunch and dinner.

from the point of view of a layman, I am not much different from a professional anchor.

but now it seems that most people are still far behind her.

maybe she also knows that such a strong, energetic and willing classmate is really too rare.

plus she and several other journalism majors have plans to run campus magazines together, so she doesn't want to waste any more time on it.

at that time, we were also faced with the choice of whether or not to stay in various student organizations. hearing her say so, we felt more and more that the student organization was just a fixed form and had no meaning except to experience a trivial chores.

when Sister asked her roommate out for supper for the fourth time, the roommate who didn't want to talk also said on the phone, "Sister, I know you want me to stay, but I've really made up my mind."

the only remaining roommate is A Bing, who is recognized as a good dancer, and what her minister said directly:

what moved A Bing is not actually that sentence, but she likes to dance, and staying in the Arts Department means she has more opportunities to practice dance.

it's just that things are not as simple as she thought. Last semester, one activity after another, first the cheerleading of the basketball game, then the choreography outside the night, but also to help the literature and art departments of other schools to give them advice.

We have a lot of early classes, and one day she was so tired that she sent me Wechat at two o'clock in the morning, saying, "Don't call me tomorrow morning, ask for a leave for me."

sooner or later, the work of student organizations will become a burden.

A Bing once got angry with the younger brothers and sisters in the ministry. At that time, the night out was coming, and their dance had not yet been done. Ah Bing told them to arrange more at the weekend in the WeChat group.

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three hours later, a girl finally replied, saying that she was sorry, but she had already made an appointment with her friends at the weekend. A Bing held back his anger.

A Bing asked in the group as calmly as possible, "is this my own business?"

the more she said, the more aggrieved she became. She sent out the last sentence, "Don't do it if you don't want to do it," and then blocked the group messages and slept in bed all day.

after all, there must be a minister in the Ministry of Culture and Recreation next year.

in exchange for the figure of my sister trotting away, she probably doesn't want to be interfered with her decision by feelings.

We are silent, because although this is the truth, the reality is doomed to be angry words.

like the first party, she played werewolf killing with them all night. The last party ended when she was stabbed as a witch, probably aware that this was the last time A Bing went out with them as a "minister", so the atmosphere became inexplicably low.

everyone agreed, but when they went to the stall, they said they had to pay Ah Bing for this meal.

what she knows, she tries her best to give advice. There are some things she doesn't understand, she can only tell each other from her own point of view whether staying in the department is good for the future.

in the university, some people value feelings, some people value the future, there is no right or wrong, all are just choices.

the younger brother asked, "what if no one stays?"

later, when I heard her talk about it, I realized that she had no backup at all.

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