Before I received the red exclamation point, I sent the words "I'm sorry".

Before I received the red exclamation point, I sent the words "I'm sorry".
I hope to be more honest in the future.

it was the first time I went to such a colorful place. I stood in the corner of the bar, unable to drink because of alcohol allergy, so I had to stand by as a party pooper, watching my colleague and a boy punching each other back and forth.

in fact, we all know that a boy has a girlfriend, and his girlfriend is chatting with another person at the table next to us, chatting happily and drinking happily, but the two of them are like strangers who have nothing to do with each other. They don't care what each other is doing, who they talk to, or even how much they drink.

while the boys were in the bathroom, I secretly asked my colleagues.

"Why can they do this?"

"each plays his own game, and he doesn't mind drinking with the opposite sex at all."

my colleague smiled and said, "it's not cool to be jealous on such an occasion."

at that time, I seriously typed the word "COOL" into the browser. The network in the bar was not very good. The browser circled for a long time until the boy who went to the bathroom came back. He walked to the girl, passed by her, and went to another bar. My phone screen only popped up with the words "calm down" on it.

they and the word remind me of my state with my predecessor. He told me on the first day, "I can't let go of my ex-girlfriend for the time being. I hope I can give him time." I said, "Yes."

I try to look like I can afford it. I don't feel sorry for anyone. I don't feel sorry for anyone. Anyway, everyone is just getting what they need because they are too lonely.

when we were together, he did a lot of "routine" moves, deliberately helping me take off my shoes, snatching half of the cold water I drank into hot ones, and piling up my favorite snacks in front of me.

if not, for 12 nights, after we finished, I lay next to him quietly listening to the song and watching him chat with other girls, I think, I will fall into the illusion of being loved.

he would tempt me and ask me, "do you mind?" I often slyly ask back, "do you want me to mind?" In order to hide the discomfort in the heart.

at that time, I was often afraid that he knew I liked him,

because he told me from the beginning that he couldn't let go of his ex-girlfriend, and my default acceptance meant that I liked him more than he liked me. But in a relationship, who wants to be the really humble one?

so, it was my last self-protection measure to camouflage myself before he found out.

our relationship only lasted 27 days. On the 27th day, he told me that his ex-girlfriend came back for him, and I was lying in the same bed with him. I asked him, "do you want to find her?"

"then you go. People have already made a choice when they say they don't know, because if they really don't want to eat, they will just say no. "

that night, I turned my back, half-closed my eyes and looked out of the window. There was a light on in the opposite building all night for the 13th time.

the next morning, I packed all my things while he was still sleeping. When he opened the door, he woke up and asked me, "do you really want to go?"

he turned around, and I walked out of the door with my suitcase, at the elevator entrance, hoping that the door would open, but I didn't.

I went to my friend's rental house and stayed with her for a whole month. I hadn't heard from Wechat for a month, but my friend's Wechat phone had not been cut off.

several different boys call her and can talk for an hour or two at a time.

"but you don't seem to be serious."

in fact, I am the one I am most sorry for.

I spent the whole night in the bar watching the couple. Girls often inadvertently take a look at the direction of boys, and boys always deliberately pass by the bar where girls are.

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and if there is a next time, I still hope I can win. The victory lies in being able to say to each other calmly:

"actually, I really like you."


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