At the end of the show, I saw many kinds of expressions.

At the end of the show, I saw many kinds of expressions.
I have been standing for another year in this New year's festival.

sometimes two films a day, sometimes three a day, depending on the level of the Lunar New year.

Don’t you think that it is time to add some super trendy summer bridesmaid dresses to your wardrobe? Easy to use and great value too.

so this is not my first year to see Han Han's movie on the first day of the Lunar New year.

remember that after watching it, I took my cousin to Pizza Hut for a bad piece of pizza. Then I hammered on the sofa of the Internet bar and spent three hours writing the film review of "braving the Wind and waves".

he smiled at me and said, "not yet."


at that time, there was no LOGO, no head picture, no designed Chinese elements, not even an introduction to the author, and only a few hundred daily readings.

in the eyes of my friends, I am a person who likes to pretend to be very literary.

so at noon, I was alone at the small town cinema after dinner and watched the show that not many people watched.

all I remember is that after reading it, I was a little aggrieved.

in fact, this title has nothing to do with the content of the article, but cycling is the only means of transportation I had at that time, so I have a special obsession with it:

some people just want to go to work quickly to make money. some people are for distance.

on this day in 2019, I made an appointment with my cousin again, but this time it was different from previous years, and even my girlfriend accepted my call. So the three of us rushed to the cinema immediately after dinner to watch the first scene of "Flying Life" today.

does it look good?

there is a lot of laughter in the first half of the movie, which is different from the "chuckle" we are afraid of. It is the closest to the nonsensical Korean humor of the 1990s.

almost ten years ago, Han Han's blog is our must-read text. As soon as it is updated, someone will transfer it to the QQ group and let everyone read it through PHS. At that time, he is best at homophonic Terrier, the traditional sense of good words, in his writing, there is always a strange, but just right explanation.

in my opinion, the key to a good director is not whether he can tell a good story, but whether he can tell a good story in his own way.

the protagonist's name is Zhang Chi, which is easily reminiscent of "the degree of relaxation".

Eternal meeting is a road movie about the distance of a group of people; riding through the Wind and waves is a film about the reconciliation of a family; and Life Flying is a comedy about a person's dream.

but the motivations and goals of the characters in the story do become clearer and simpler.

because the racing car is the most important, it doesn't matter who the child's mother is; because the racing car is the most important, it doesn't matter that you can earn 300000 yuan from fried rice; because the racing car is the most important, the brakes don't work, and you may die after crossing the line.

the second layer is money,

so I was moved when the comedy came to the end and the paragraph "what shall I give to you, my parents /my lover /my friend" rang in my ear.

she ignored me and just dragged me to the bathroom.

I answered her, "mm-hmm."

stick to everything you love.

from a reader to a creator, it took me four or five years to get a good result, but in fact I know where I am.

I said to the publisher disgracefully, "otherwise forget it. I don't think my article deserves to be printed on paper."

I replied, "I tell you the truth, I can't." It's not because we procrastinate, but because we can't. "

then I was alone in the room, feeling sad for a long time.

sticking to your love is a costly thing in itself.

there are many people who like designing, singing, photographing and writing, but before graduating from college, they cherish their former love with a wry smile.

so at the end of the show, I saw a lot of expressions.

for half of my life, let me ask


and then take this opportunity to start your galloping life.