As long as I mention the word "maintain", I find it hard.

As long as I mention the word "maintain", I find it hard.
There is no room for a little slack in this kind of thing.

We also agreed to gather people to travel, changing the group name to "go to South Australia to eat lemon fish".

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at that time, some people said that they were too busy, some said they had no money, and some said they were with their boyfriends, and I slack off in the idea that "there are a lot of opportunities in the future anyway" and casually found an excuse to say no.

now we still have a few words in the group occasionally, but we don't know who has changed the group name to "do not forget each other".

at first I thought that it was because this friendship was not strong enough to stand the test of time that we drifted apart.


he made a "sixteen" gesture in front of me.

"well, just like this, someone else will step on it when you are tired, but it will go on only if someone steps on it."

sometimes we think that friendship does not need to be maintained, but in fact, the other party is trying to "step on", but we are not aware of it.

but that's not because I don't care so much about the relationship, on the contrary, I trust it more than he does, so I feel more at ease not to get in touch.

since then I have understood that being too confident in a relationship is not necessarily a good thing, it will make us forget to give; those who are not so confident will be careful to maintain a relationship and can go on and on.

in fact, I wrote this article because I saw a discussion on the Internet the other day about "whether true friendship needs to be maintained".

when I saw this, I couldn't help sighing, because I knew too much about the hard work and how many times I had escaped it.

but if I tell myself that "true friendships don't need to be maintained," it's a lot easier because I shift the responsibility of maintaining a friendship to time.

time is a good excuse for "laziness" and "self-comfort".

"it takes a lot of work to get rid of worms and disinfect things that are alive."

I have to say that it is Yuhe who is too good at expressing the philosophy of life in detail. "effort" is one of the truths she helps us to expose in our relationships with others.

I also believe more and more that many things in this world are fair and can continue without any friendship.

I don't know since when, we have become very confident in fate. Broke up with the lover, we said that it is not the right person, estranged from friends, we said that they are not true friends.

but I hope that who is the right person and who is the true friend? don't let time decide, but let yourself decide.

good night.

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