As a girl, I only dare to smoke in the toilet.

As a girl, I only dare to smoke in the toilet.
We are a bunch of lazy people.


the first cigarette I smoked was Aixi, and so was the cigarette I smoked in the first five minutes.

whenever a non-smoker asks me to describe the feeling of smoking, I will tell him like this:

the middle finger of the index finger is gently caught in my mouth, the red lighter pops out of a small flames, and the flames wrap around the cigarette butts and catch fire.

then, like drinking Coke with a straw, sucking and sucking, a pinch of wind squeezed into the mouth through the teeth, cool, mint flavor. Then, like pumping air into the soft ball, he drew the wind into his chest.

the wind knot in your throat to form a grip of dust, a small round in your throat, a small rush to the top of your head.

it was exhausted bit by bit, and I was fascinated by it.

hold the middle line of tobacco and sponge with the first section of the middle finger and the belly of the thumb, gently pat the belly of the index finger, and the gray stars pop out in pairs, just like a man patting a woman's ass with one drop or two of lust overflowing.

burn out, release the cigarette and throw it to the ground, ending it with one foot.

"Yes!" I roared happily as I walked on the sidewalk.

"you piece of garbage." The boyfriend next to me helplessly picked up my cigarette butt and threw it into the dustbin.


but when it comes to girls, smoking becomes a little strange.


people who hate smoking may say that it is right not to accept it, but it has nothing to do with gender, and it is best that all human beings do not accept smoking.

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however, we still need to ask why so many people choose to smoke. If you think of smoking as a common addiction, there is an answer to everything.

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so smokers are not a group of people who don't know whether to live or die, just a little lazy.

just like me, in order to hide smoking, I hid in the toilet countless times, pressed to pump water, and used the sound of water to cover up the sound of the lighter. At such times, there is always the sound of feces plopping into the hole next door, which smells touching.

here, I saw Tan Min next door come out of the studio balcony to smoke. It was octave outside, the wind was very sharp, and his hair had gone in the direction of the Guangzhou Tower.

see, you don't have to hate it, you have a price to deal with us.

author /Li Xiaoqi

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