"are all you boys such little puppies when they fall in love?"

"are all you boys such little puppies when they fall in love?"

my sister may have sneered at the other end of the screen, saying, "my brother would never praise me for being cute, let alone use modal words like'mm-hmm'."

maybe it's because I don't like using emojis and mood words. Except for my own sister, many people say that I am very indifferent on Wechat chat.

I asked what tone I used to be.

then she seemed to think of something, saying that her boyfriend was the same, too, so aloof before they were together, and became a fool after falling in love.

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I was moodily afraid to speak.

the first old man is Zhang Jingzhi, our chief editor.

unless his girlfriend ViVi is present.

the second old man is Yuanxia, the lead singer of the rock band.

at that time, I would never have thought that later, in order to amuse his girlfriend, he would put his fist to his mouth and pretend to be cute, and even told me that the B612 camera was really easy to use.

because a relationship wants to go far, one side should not simply rely on the other, it should be interdependent.

but if a girl can reveal her weakness in a relationship, so can a boy.

I remember that one night the eel whale hurriedly asked me if I could fix the night's tweet, saying that I had fallen ill in the summer and had been shaking, but the 08:30 alarm clock went off at night, and the eel whale pressed the alarm clock itself.

there are many times when the boyfriend is the one being taken care of.

what I was thinking at that time was that people seemed to judge whether a relationship is good or not, in addition to whether they can take care of people or not, it seems to be romantic.

I followed and asked what it was.

I laughed for ten minutes after she finished.

and now I am used to ridicule from people around me from time to time, saying that I am sissy or childish.

it is because they do not need to be as tough as before that they dare to be naughty from time to time.

after all, no matter how you say it, you trained it yourself:)

in addition to the above, there is also a "stop sending emojis to my girlfriend:)", which should be said to be the voice of many boyfriends. You can scan the code and reply to "emoji package" to get this article.

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