Although I am not single-minded, but every one of me is serious.

Although I am not single-minded, but every one of me is serious.
People, life is so long, how can they like only one thing.

it doesn't sound good to me.

Young people nowadays are more than they can imagine, but there are too many.

"it feels great to finally find something you like."

she smiled and said, "I don't think I can stay at home all day. finally found something attractive to me. Of course I have to work hard to do it." "

it was this unprovoked love that made her take two mouthfuls of steamed buns and squeeze onto the subway every weekend, spending the whole day in the studio.

but the comments in moments are often not very friendly. Some people hit the nail on the head and pointed out that she did not deal with light and shadow in the right way, and some even said brazenly that they could have such a level without learning.

I am worried that these unfriendly words will make her give up the interest she finally cultivated and organize the language to comfort her. As soon as I opened my mouth, I was about to say, "Don't worry too much about those words" when I was interrupted by her "I think they were right."

she admitted that it would be difficult for to see those comments at first, but if she could find her own shortcomings in them, she would be happy to hear more objections.

she was a little embarrassed and told me a little proudly, "I'm not that glassy."

look, because you like it, you will always get rid of your laziness or other problems.

"I just wish my world was different from that of others."

Fool week, one year after graduation

at three o'clock in the morning, a message popped up in the cell phone notification bar, reminding me that she had uploaded a new audio to a certain APP.

she has loved singing since childhood. At first, even she thought that the idea of becoming a singer was impractical. Later, with the development of the Internet and the proliferation of online singers, she saw hope: "it's not impossible. Give it a try."

remember the first time I met him, he solemnly handed me his business card with both hands, and when he said, "give me more advice," I froze at a pile of titles on his business card. Can only swallow saliva and ask carefully: "excuse me, what do you mainly do?"

I admire it: "Brother, it turns out that you still know this, and indeed art students are all versatile."



but no one has ever told me that "unfocused" and "unprofessional" are actually two concepts.

just as a "college student" can be a "web writer", a "web writer" can be a "photographer" or even a "makeup blogger".

in the face of countless possibilities in the future, I still want to try more, meet a lot of interesting people, experience a lot of interesting things, and become a more interesting myself.

good night.

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