All you want to know about the messy double 11 is here. (2)

All you want to know about the messy double 11 is here. (2)
Please join us.

this Friday, that is, November 9, our Taobao @ disorganized warm Men's Department will restock again, and thank you for your patience.

(please consult customer service for details.)

also on Friday, November 9th, "I'm also in trouble" long Tee will be updated on Taobao.

Be ready to buy yourself the elegant toddler wedding dresses and stand out in a crowd. You are sure to find the design that will fit you perfectly and toddler wedding dresses will be just the addition your wardrobe needed.

for example, Xiao Xiong bought 4 pieces of "I am also in trouble" long Tee, the promotion price is 139yuan, so the total price of the four pieces is 556yuan, how much discount can I get in the end?

1. Store coupon over 400 yuan minus 40 yuan.

556-40-4X15=456 yuan can be obtained.

draw the key points for everyone:

three, about the early Bird Project.

(but not shared with stores. )

for the above details, you can add koala Wechat secondary account (ZLWZSX1) to learn more.

copy the following password Just open it on Taobao:

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