All I know about making money in college is here.

All I know about making money in college is here.
Changing the way you think will make it easier for you to make money.

and the "very poor" kind of poor.

five hundred yuan a month for living expenses. I eat rice noodle roll in the morning, noodles in lunch and noodles in the evening. Spend less than 13 yuan a day, deliver newspapers at school three days a week, and go back to work at McDonald's in town on weekends.

I don't think the elder sister is making fun of me, she is just very serious and thinks that I should not do a job of 320 yuan.

then, at that time, McDonald's had 9.2 yuan an hour, and if there was no three times the salary of a legal holiday in a month, it would have been about 500 to 600 yuan.

now that I have graduated for a year, I have my own company and more than a dozen colleagues. Although my income is not enough to buy a car and a house, I can buy the computers, headphones, stereos and Japanese food I like without grit of teeth.

after graduation, I also began to become the person in charge of family decision-making, solving some key problems.

otherwise discussing the topic of "making money" out of thin air can easily turn into a marketing article that is "very excited after listening to it, but it doesn't really help".

there will certainly be no immediate change in practice.

this article may be long and can be collected, forwarded to yourself, and read slowly.

clutter was founded by me in my freshman semester. In fact, I wanted to turn it into a regional marketing account to make money at that time. But after less than a month of writing, I found the gap between myself and the regional marketing number:

and their practices are extremely simple and rude, attracting the audience with the "female image", and then asking the audience to add the Wechat account. Finally, red packets are used to encourage users to reveal the news.

after recognizing this clearly, I gave up the marketing number.

this makes me understand:

this change of thinking has benefited me a lot when faced with other things later, and I will continue to talk about it later.

after giving up turning clutter into a marketing number, I didn't give up writing.

so I have to have a "high limit" skill.

the development of "graphic design" has been more mature, and when I went to some foreign design websites and domestic "station cool", I found that there are too many designers who are better than me.

but at the same time, don't aim too high.

because many things are not "either or", they can exist at the same time.


All our sheath wedding dresses are designed and crafted for lasting beauty. Enter our online catalogue and be prepared to be amazed.

A lot of things should be measured not only by current prices, but also by "future value".

write an article, 100 yuan.

many people would choose the former.

as I said in the first part, the so-called "gap" is not "more or less of an order of magnitude", but "different practices".

while writing an article, it costs only 100 yuan, but as long as the content is good enough, it can continue to spread when you are not working. At the same time, it has a low preservation cost (no video or audio recording is required) and can be displayed to others at any time.

the best way is to improve the influence of your host through writing and earn money to make a living through hosting.


KOL (opinion leaders) earn a lot of what everyone knows, but why they can make money, let me tell you a little bit.

and the value itself comes from sharing.

clutter is made into a company not because we are really good at writing, but because people are willing to forward our content to their friends or moments.

as a result, the amount of reading is gradually increasing, and advertisers are willing to put in advertisements because of the amount of reading, so that we can afford to be paid.

ideas have to be shared in order to create value (not just money, identity, or even spiritual power).

is very simple.

before I do clutter, I am a person who likes to forward other people's articles to moments. Although I don't answer questions on Zhihu, I am willing to like good answers every day. Then, after doing the mess, I see that good articles will continue to be shared in moments, because I think that

sounds mysterious, but I think it's because people think things are too complicated.

and to think clearly, if everyone stops the flow of information on themselves and stops sharing, then the jokes we usually read, memes, articles that can arouse resonance or thinking, even good books like the Fifteen years of Wanli will disappear in this world.

don't you believe me? Think about foreign Facebook,Twitter,YouTube,INS, domestic Wechat, Weibo, Douyin, these software to some extent "changed the way people share information"?

do not think that this part of the content is useless for college students, in my opinion, this is the most valuable part of this article.


one article is more than I did at McDonald's for a month.

you can get at least two or three thousand a month.

I don't know if they understand, because college students are too easy to make this mistake.

what helps us make more money is a lever called "influence".


in fact, I have wanted to write these contents for a long time, but it is destined to be a low-reading article, because now many people have become impatient with reading articles, and they can't finish an article of two or three thousand words at all.

it's all right, just let me be wayward for once and let those who understand understand it.

good night.

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