After working for more than a year, I have become a complete book of turnover cases.

After working for more than a year, I have become a complete book of turnover cases.
It's hard to find a good job.

at that time, the promotion of a chain of residential accommodation was in place, and girls often took pictures of their homes in the moments. After several times, I added it to the account responsible for long-term rent. When I asked, it cost nearly 3,000 a month.

he was a little anxious and teased himself to become a complete collection of turnover cases. But in these periodic conversations, I can feel that although he changes jobs frequently, he is not joking. On the contrary, each time is thoughtful and represents a large number of young people who have just graduated.

-quit after 20 days

there are no classes in his senior year. Throughout the second half of the semester, he lived in Suzhou Street, near the company, and there were five interns with him. In the final assessment, only W stayed, and the treatment was very good for a graduate, earning a little more than 10,000 a month and more than enough to settle down in the Fifth Ring Road.

one is the attraction of starting a business and his vision for the future, and the other is because he feels that he is still young, there is no need to settle down in a traditional company so quickly, he should venture into a start-up company, and in order to show his determination, he handed in his resignation letter that week, and the boss didn't ask him to stay.

"get through doing customer service by painting the wall, but forget it if you can't beat the boss."

A large number of start-ups in Beijing, any young man in a hurry on the road may be the founder of a well-known product.

their first batch of employees said that they were omnipotent at best and did all the dirty work at worst.

but there are too many factors that affect entrepreneurial success. It is not just a few people who work hard without considering the return. Family, life, future, investors and other factors are all important. in the end, their project is still "unable to explain the specific reasons, anyway, it is a lot of pressure", the boss said to them, "Let it go."

-quit after one year

so, with multiple offer in hand, he chose an immature but rising Internet company. He talked well during the interview, he liked the content of the job, and the boss promised that as long as the performance was good, the promotion opportunities would not be restricted.

if the job is challenging enough, it doesn't matter if he can promote himself, but the actual job task is seriously different from the job description at the time of recruitment. Every day's work is some repetitive work, there is no new project, there is no room for growth. He can't use himself to realize his own value. although he knew it was not good for him to change jobs frequently, he chose to leave after hesitating for a week.

many graduates, like W, change jobs frequently in the first few years, not because they are fickle, but because they have not yet found a suitable one for them.

I think work is the first real fork in the face of us young people. The first job is the starting point of your career. In a sense, it determines the height and speed of your growth in the future. The company culture will affect your career outlook. The training system and promotion mechanism will determine whether you have the opportunity to stand out on a higher platform.

so the choice is very important, and the right choice is more important.

du Lesser Fullness of Grain Finance is formed independently of Baidu's financial services business group. It not only has the mature infrastructure of large companies, but also has the atmosphere of start-up companies, which can meet the rapid growth needs of young people, and can also give them salaries and benefits commensurate with their abilities.

what Lesser Fullness of Grain wants to convey to us through this promotional video is the importance of choice. A good job will not only give you a certain salary, but also give you feedback and opportunities to grow.


although there is some chicken soup, Liu Chuanzhi's sentence may really help you make a choice when you are confused.

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