After work, I don't want to be @ again.

After work, I don't want to be @ again.
You never know when the four scary scarlet letters "someone @ you" will pop up in the work group.

but most people also know that this apparent closing time doesn't make much sense, especially in the Internet industry-although it tells you when you can leave, it doesn't mean today's work is over.

work can never be done, just like the water in the sponge, as long as the boss wants to squeeze it, there will be it at any time;

overtime is like having an affair. For the first time, there will be countless times.

in the office, leaving too early seems unprogressive, and staying too late is too tragic.

"take your work home (and pretend to be off duty)."

they will feel that they have perfectly achieved the realm described in fantasy novels, and that their soul and body are completely separated--

has also guessed the reason why they are busy, perhaps in the 20 minutes after work. The client put forward a new demand, maybe just booked the movie tickets for the evening, and the boss sent another notice.

you never know when the four scary scarlet words "someone @ you" will pop up in the workgroup.

when I was having dinner one day, a quarrel broke out between my girlfriend and me.

at that time, I repeated what she had just said word by word, trying to prove that I was really listening.

it was okay to see that she almost lit the fuse and hit like a pea shooter's beaded shell:

then she turned sideways and stopped talking to me.

Why do you have to mix work and life together?

Why can't you enjoy your private time?

when the boss sees it, he may think I'm implying something.

after weighing it, I finally chose to press the cancel button in the upper left corner.

I once attributed the reason why I never get off work to the particularity of the new media industry.

but then I found out that this is not the case, because there are friends who do the same work as me, but she can still make every day very easy.

every day at four or five o'clock in the afternoon, I begin to pack up and wait for work. When the pointer turns to 6, I drop my computer and leave the company non-stop.

"Boss, think of me as dead after work. Burning a piece of paper if you need something is more useful than sending me Wechat."

she said, so what?

what I blurted out at that time was, "I'm so chic. I really envy you."

the first thing that came out of my mind was not the answer, but the picture of a movie--

when I saw this, I was very touched, thinking that I must play this way in my lifetime, even if only for a few times.

all I know is that when I practice to become a Buddha in the company, I don't ask for any development, I live a life without stress and ambition, and with a salary just enough for an entry-level position, I probably won't touch that dart for the rest of my life.

what kind of job you choose is, to some extent, a deal.


because it is ruthless, does not accommodate any lazy people, high cost of living, work pressure, a little slack, you have to be out.

so although they don't like it, young people are still working "invisible overtime", giving up their comfortable life to work and retiring again and again.

which way of work you choose means what kind of life you are likely to get.

seems to be working hard every day, dedicating wholeheartedly to his work, but in fact it is only a tool of capital and a permanent gear expected by his boss.

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this kind of "invisible overtime" is the most untenable thing.

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