After today, I am still a fairy.

After today, I am still a fairy.

they changed it to "Goddess Day", and the merchants translated it into "Queen's Day".

they will stress the word "woman" and, you know, they are laughing at you for getting old.

Tonight's article, we want to try to tell you from another angle:


I can choose the TV program I want to watch at will. I can sit a meter in front of the TV without being stopped, and I can run out of the house without saying hello when I am bored.

just before the blink of an eye, I was a child who was always scolded for being limited everywhere, but when International Children's Day was touched, she would still be touched her head and said happy holidays.

the temporary ID card issued at the age of 16 is finally five years old this year.

I thought she would lament the passage of time and complain about getting older, but her first reaction was: can finally change the rustic ID photo on her ID card.

because after the change, you no longer need to plan the angle when you pull it out, beware of others glimpsing it inadvertently, and you don't have to pose to hand the photo down to each other.

it suddenly occurred to me that it was not such a pity to lose the cream cake.

now I can save a little money, live more independently, and have more ideas, which is the reason why I can have all these things.

my mother likes to tell me stories about her pregnancy. She said it was the last time she could be called a girl.

she said she didn't know why, and the nearer she was to give birth, the more panicked she felt.

as she spoke, she seemed to condemn me jokingly, saying that it was all your fault, otherwise I would not have become the present painting of aged woman.

I think I know why she panicked at that time, because she had to admit that she was going to be a mother and say goodbye to her former girl identity.

you are not allowed to be naive and responsible at the same time, and you are not allowed to rely on your identity as a child, so you should be deprived of it quickly and will not give you any chance of luck.

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and if we get married, we can still live like we are passionately in love.

then even if a certain identity in the secular concept expires, we can still keep the original shadow in our hearts.

recently there is a popular saying that the post-90s have entered middle age, post-90s, old and so on.

you will find that, in fact, whether they are living or secular, they will give us a concept and like to send a signal of "you are old" and "how are you".

if you want, tomorrow, next year, you can be a girl.

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