After the New year, I don't want to delete any more moments.

After the New year, I don't want to delete any more moments.
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I used to like to delete moments.

delete it if no one likes it;

some people commented that it was not very good to delete.

because I always feel that if I delete something, I am the new me, or I am the one who has not been denied.

but in fact this is not the case.

We cannot negate part of ourselves as evidence and result of our own change.

these days I see a point of view, called: "the cat is everyone's school."

the reason is that cats have no concept of time, so they can't feel the passage of time, so they don't feel lost and unhappy because of time and memory problems like humans.

for meows, they don't say things like "I want to change myself".

so they sleep, eat hungry, and do things by instinct, which is why people say they envy such things as cats.

people have to learn from Meow because we have to learn their ability to clear zeros.

is the renewal of ideas.

Chen Lu

We want to give you a reason to continue to face this lousy life