After sophomore year, girls dare not go out without masks.

After sophomore year, girls dare not go out without masks.
Today is a very special article.

and today is the day they come to work.

I think there is room for discussion on this topic, so I encourage you to keep talking.

slowly, we found that apart from posting moments, we have experienced a lot of similar things.

so next, let , the three girls of the author of the Day, have a chat with you,

some clips from "it doesn't matter" to "it matters".

after all, few girls who are new to college can wear makeup.

in this environment, I can't be as calm as I used to be.

if you can't put on makeup in the morning class, you should at least wear a mask and draw eyebrows.

and I'm not alone yet.

there are not a few people in the class wearing masks.

some boys even ask, "Why are you sick all day?"

I often think that I didn't know where I was when I could not be timid even without makeup.

do you like the original me or the perfect-looking me?

in order to look like them, I stuffed chest pads into my underwear

until after high school and college, it seemed that suddenly everyone was running from the same starting line, while I was left in the same place.

when I wear clothes that are a little tight, I often hear the gossip of the boys around me: "Oh, your chest is so flat."

what they call "teasing" makes me feel an inexplicable sense of shame.

to cover up this concern, I do everything I can to make myself look like I have breasts:

but no one really cares because they think you are "supposed to have breasts" at your age.

words @ Tata

the cool days lasted until college.

when I was ready to leave, my roommate said to me, "aren't you worried that they will brush you off because of the tattoo on your foot?"

Look perfectly ravishing in orange bridesmaid dresses. Why don’t you pick the cheap but high quality dress?

after the whole interview, I stood cross-footed.

I rarely wear shoulder-length clothes and sandals in summer, and even the small tattoos on my fingers are sometimes covered with concealer.

when I first entered college, there were all kinds of self-introductions.

I always feel that as long as they don't know where I'm from, they won't hear them tag my hometown again.


at this point, I asked them, aren't you tired?

if you want to take off your mask and go out without makeup, try going to class without underwear. If you want to show your tattoo in a sling, go to an interview with a hometown accent and post ten moments a day.

is it possible to change the opinions of others instead of continuing to change yourself?

because all the time, we are changing from "it doesn't matter" to "it doesn't matter". We are thinking about how we should change or adapt.

finally I told them:

if this goes on, more and more people will have to change themselves, and the burden of public opinion will become heavier and heavier.

the only way to change other people's minds is

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