After graduating from our senior year, we all owed 1 million.

After graduating from our senior year, we all owed 1 million.
The times run over and never show mercy.

then slowly, these "realities" will push you into a life of low desire and become a Buddhist youth.


later, I found that this kind of "unfairness" is actually a bit like the "uneven distribution of educational resources" between the town and the urban area.

when we face individuals, we will say: "the college entrance examination is fair, and you did poorly in the exam, just because you didn't work hard enough, or 'you didn't work hard enough'."

later, I entered the public high school in the next town with a score of more than 100 points. Of course, the learning atmosphere there was much better than that in junior high school, but the "good" was also compared. At the beginning, I said that "the score of the college entrance examination is 7 points more than the 2A line", which is already in the top 50 of our senior three.

this is why there is always a "depressed" atmosphere among freshmen in our school, because most of them come from schools with better educational resources and more first-mover advantages for their peers.

so when I realized that "my college entrance examination scores are lower than others, but I can get the same educational resources", I began to think about when and where the real unfairness began.

A tragic fact is that the students from other cities /provinces who were admitted with us that year will not get better job opportunities after graduation because they "work harder in high school" or "work harder in college".

but the reason why I use the word "tragic" to describe this seemingly fair result is that even with the same salary of four or five thousand, the pressure faced by students in this city and outside the city is completely different.

and those students who are determined to develop here, the first thing to solve is to buy a house. If you can't afford a house with a good degree, you can't get your children into a good school. Without a good school, they will be admitted to the town high school I attended before, and their grades will fall behind.

so I very much understand those friends who earn seven or eight thousand yuan as soon as they graduate and still say they are very poor. Because their wages are broken into too many parts, eating, renting, for household use, the remaining half, but also have to plan for the far-out-of-reach housing prices.

of course, I'm only talking about some people in this city. I have a classmate in this city who was admitted to the bank last year and his monthly salary is close to 10,000. When we went out for dinner, we all said that he was doing well now. However, he said that he was under a lot of pressure because he was "raising a credit card" to buy a 90-square-meter house this year. Another friend told him that there would be a lot of pressure and an accident would happen if the cash flow was cut off.

another friend was curious and asked him why he didn't live in the house at home.

so what I said earlier, "the pressure faced by students in this city is completely different from that in other cities", does not refer to the difference between the magnitude of the pressure, but the difference between "active bearing" and "passive bearing".

students from other cities are either more likely to make "concession" choices, or more likely to make riskier choices.

so the distribution of educational resources in the region is uneven. If you look at it carefully, it is the difference between the grades of the students in the town and those in the urban area. From a larger point of view, it will create a higher threshold for young people who want to develop in this city, and in order to find these thresholds, they have to pay several times more efforts than the people of this city.


at that time, one of my relatives urged my parents to buy one at the dinner table. I could see that my mother was attracted, but in the end, she didn't say anything, actually because our family really had no money.

who knows that in less than four years, whether it is country Garden or other real estate, it has increased by at least 10000. Every time I talk about it, my relatives regret it to death. But for young people like us who see everything but can only see everything, we will not feel remorse, because we are not even qualified to regret.

there is a picture of the trend of house prices in Shenzhen. Although it is not clear, it can still be used as supplementary information. You will find that in 14 or 15 years, house prices in Shenzhen have almost doubled, and because house prices in Shenzhen have risen too fast, people from Shenzhen have come directly to Dongguan to buy houses, and prices have gone up at once.

but then I happened to know a friend who started a business in Shenzhen. He bought his first apartment in Longgang. I asked him why he didn't choose to buy it in Dongguan. Anyway, the final drive to Nanshan is actually the same.

which brings us back to the first part of this article.

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at that time, Gao Xiaosong's golden sentence was popular: "Life is not only the present, but also poetry and distance."

while writing this article, I asked the seniors around me who were already worth more than 10 million, and asked why house prices had risen so sharply in 14 or 15 years.

on this point, I think what I said is not very clear. You can search on Weibo for the keyword "in the face of a bubble, should you hold assets or money?" Although many people retweet that the author's suggestion is entirely aimed at the rich, I think some of the points mentioned in it about the overall environment are worth looking at.

so when we graduate in 17 years, the environment we face is completely different from that faced in 13 or 14 years.

after four years, the average salary has increased by less than 3,000 yuan, but the house prices we have to face have risen by more than 20,000 per square meter over the past four years.

in order to restrict the speculation of tenants, the state has introduced many new restrictions, which is originally a good thing, but these policies actually make it more difficult for us to buy a house:

this 240000, coupled with the increase in house prices in five years, is the "membership" that I have to pay before I buy a house in Guangzhou.Fee ".

Urban Travel Radius big data, released in 17 years, shows that commuting time of more than one hour a day has become the norm in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. For most young people who have just arrived in big cities, they face a daily commute of up to 90 minutes, which can lead to obesity, neck pain, stress, insomnia, loneliness and divorce.

I also wrote an article before, "Don't let our efforts be unreconciled to our parents." It was mentioned that I personally witnessed a commercial housing in Guangzhou, and the down payment increased by 80,000 in half a month.

I can't win, I really can't win.


stop thinking about commuting time, school district housing, asking your parents for a down payment, and don't worry about taking on a 30-year mortgage. All you have to do is to make your life happier.

looks really smart.

in high school, I loved to read long Yingtai. First I watched "watching", then I watched "Wild Fire", and I watched some other lectures. I remember she said something like this: "an era, a society, is likely to be defeated by a whole generation." He owes him the whole youth that can't be returned, and it can never be repaid. "

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