After falling in love, you will lose a lot of friends.

After falling in love, you will lose a lot of friends.
It's a lie to say no regret.

I asked for a like, but he talked to me privately and asked me how I was doing.

did not forget to make fun of me and said, "I haven't seen you for such a long time. Have you grown taller?"

I was angry and wanted to laugh, so I chatted with him irrationally for half an hour.

and at the end of that conversation, he said:


I am not the only one who has lost a good friend because of "avoiding suspicion".

Jingshi said that in the past, when he was in Dongguan, he always went to Greenway to ride a bike with a girl.

later, he got out of the single. although he was still in touch with that girl, he seemed to have a tacit understanding with each other.

No one mentioned the matter of "riding a bike together" again.

at that time, someone asked him, "Why avoid suspicion, as long as you know it's all right?"

I forgot how the thorns answered at that time, but I remembered my own experience.

because after I was estranged from that boy, some people felt that they did not understand, and even thought that the act of "avoiding suspicion" itself proved that there was an ambiguous element in our relationship.

but in fact, many friends of the opposite sex who have a good time are really just friends.

"avoid suspicion" is not because I have any hidden feelings for you, but I choose to take the initiative to alienate because I don't want to cause trouble to you and the person you like.

so when people ask me why I have a partner, I have to alienate each other.

my answer is: "out of my due self-consciousness as a friend. "


this self-consciousness does not mean that if you are single, we can't be friends.

on the contrary, it is precisely that I still regard you as a friend and do not want to disturb your life now.

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and I know that getting out of order means that you decide to eat only one takeout a day, three meals a day, and don't change even if you get bored.

but you can have one more person who understands you.

so, although I agree with the consciousness that "I will take the initiative to alienate my friends after they get divorced", I am actually sadder than anyone else.

and as long as we can't make our relationship self-sufficient, we can't avoid this sacrifice.

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