After doing it for 418 days, we have to stick to it.

After doing it for 418 days, we have to stick to it.
I hope you are, too.

it was the first time in my life that netizens made noodles. I arrived half an hour early and impolitely ordered a cup of iced lemon tea and a bowl of champion and porridge.

half an hour late, the thorn came slowly with a messy canvas bag on his back with a small half of his hand exposed.

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at that time, I had not yet joined the team, the messy office was still in Dongguan, and some people in the team had not yet graduated.

if this is an interview, I think it's two young people talking about the possibilities of the future.

this is the beginning of our product.

before that, the team didn't have any experience in making a product, but since they decided to do it, they had to work hard.

the process of all this, condensing and summarizing is suffering.

"get something done" is never easier because you say "hard work". It requires practical action.

fortunately, we did do it, and it was not bad.

"Let's start over." short T, the first piece of clothing we designed and produced ourselves was also the first to sell more than 1000 pieces of clothing.


companionship is a gentle word, an act of tolerance and trust between people. It is also very powerful, this power is not explosive, but stems from a long period of persistence.

make more products to provide more choices to our audience, such as temporary crying points, or small special series of planners.

the former is visual satisfaction and can please oneself, while the latter is spiritual comfort and can warm the heart.


is limited to information, environmental conditions and self-level, no decision is absolutely correct, it can only be relatively correct.

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