After breaking up, can you still keep the things of your ex?

After breaking up, can you still keep the things of your ex?
Don't deny the past happiness.

there is a computer desk in the house where I live with my boyfriend.

there is my boyfriend's book on the table, and at the bottom of the book is a photo album.

that photo album is from my boyfriend's ex.

moreover, past happiness should not be denied.

who would have thought that when breaking up, it would be embarrassing enough to scold each other in the moments.

the girl called me in the middle of the night and choked up and said, "he never liked me."

I froze a little, not that I didn't know how to answer, but that I found this sentence very familiar, and I actually said the same thing at some point in the past.

it is better to accept that we like each other at first, admit that we were happy when we were together, and at least take away some good memories even if we break up in discord.

instead of coming to the conclusion that he never liked me.

although most people's interpretation is that keeping means not letting go, it can also be that we divide the relationship into many stages, and the items left behind represent a certain stage that is worth remembering.

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