After a certain degree, boys will like you in a different rhythm.

After a certain degree, boys will like you in a different rhythm.
I don't want to put up with you.

maybe in his mind, you have changed too.

"have I really changed?"

of course I didn't ask him. I found a friend who is at the dessert shop. She is known as an emotional master.

"people change. "the master was buzzing. She caught a cold today. Blowing her nose was like playing the trumpet.

I went on to ask, then we have all changed, how can it still be appropriate?

my boyfriend doesn't seem to be my ideal type either. I smell sweaty in summer, have no good-looking abs, my fingers are not long, and I often forget to cut my nails.

then I'm not his type either. My boobs are so small that my boyfriend watches porn with big boobs.

the Master tried to speak, but his voice was stuck with phlegm, like a pain in his throat. I ignored her and went on babbling.

what's more, my boyfriend is not as considerate and grumpy as he was when he first got together.

it must be because he has changed that I have changed.

but to be honest, my boyfriend is not lazy to me. He always gives me a hug in the morning.

maybe it's just that I attach too much importance to sleep and get too angry because I can't sleep well. Should I just find someone who sleeps later than me? should we not be together?

"No, but you really want to be together!" The master spoke loudly, and then she took a big sip of lemon tea, complacent with her wisdom.

I felt cold in an instant. "so are you suggesting that we split up?"

she shook her head.

"but you just said we shouldn't be together."

Master denied that it was just because I wouldn't let her speak, and she finally came up with a reasonable remark, which was all due to a cold.

as soon as I finished, the master spurted a string of snot, and then she repeatedly thanked me for my stupid words, which made her plug her nose all day.


this rhythm is comfortable with each other.

I remembered that Liu Bai had complained to me about zinc chloride before. Zinc chloride promised him to hang clothes after work. As a result, after being together for a long time, zinc chloride just wanted to play games.

especially when it was obvious that we were being deceived, in the end, he threw out, "I don't want to put up with you for the rest of my life!"

I can't bear it, just because I want to stay with you a little longer.

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author /Li Xiaoqi

songs /slowly like you

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