After 283 days together, I found out that I was not his girlfriend.

After 283 days together, I found out that I was not his girlfriend.
Who do you think you are?

283 days, there was a hand clenched because of the cold in the cinema; a surprise hug when there was a play;

until last month, Yi didn't know that he was not his girlfriend.

every time A Yi talks to him, he will continue to chat with A Yi's words, giving detailed answers, and funny emojis are not stingy at all. It won't give people the feeling of "you're bothering me, I don't want to talk to you".

but often A Yi stops, and he also stops, neither refusing nor taking the initiative.

A Yi tried to re-establish contact with him again and again, but soon she gave up.

all efforts seem to be cleared on time on the same day.

after this break for a week, he asked Yi if he would like to spend Christmas together.

so that you can rightly see one more time before Christmas.

he also mischievously took down A Yi's delivery and took away a pair of socks. He took Yi by the shoulder and said, anyway, there are several pairs in a box, which is quite cute. Give me a pair.

they wore the same series of plush Christmas socks on Christmas Day. Even the details match perfectly.

A Yi also knew his secret, though it was a secret that made her unhappy.

he told Yi frankly that it was painful when he first parted, and because of this, he became cautious about his feelings.

A Yi and he also come from different places.

but what she cares about is "love is not enough". In other words, if she comes back, if you are not in a different place, will there be no me? What can I use to resist your five years?

I've written that there are some people you know are inappropriate, but you can't stop an idea that comes to you: I want to try.

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that time, he subconsciously held Yi's hand while crossing the street.

We went out to play together. Yi came back from the bathroom and found that he was gone, looking left and right. He suddenly ran out from the side, hugged Ah Yi, and laughed: "how about it!" Did it scare you? "

soon, greater warmth will mask the strangeness of the moment.

A Yi went on a trip with a friend. He worried about her safety and asked her to clock in everywhere she went.

she put herself in the position of "girlfriend-to-be", away from other boys. She also accepted all the demands and actions that would be made by a "boyfriend-to-be".

Last month, she felt that that day was coming, it was coming soon, it seemed that it was tonight, it was tonight, and he would say that emotional word tonight.

A long time ago, they often shared their daily life with each other, and they talked in great detail these days.

but good night on the fourth day, Ah Yi still did not hear the emotional remark. She tentatively asked "what is our relationship now?"

after a while, he said, "We have to go back home after graduation. I have already experienced one failure." What I need now is a relationship that can see the future. I'm sorry. "

A Yi is confused, she is not uncomfortable, on the contrary, she feels warm and sweet.

looking back on the past six months, she doesn't know what she is, a friend? Close friends?