Actually, you don't want to make yourself so bad.

Actually, you don't want to make yourself so bad.
I know that "getting better" is a difficult process.

then the project was handed over to other colleagues for follow-up.

so over time, I begin to wonder if the fact I have to face is no longer "I'm not good enough", but "I can't".

when continuing becomes an ordeal, giving up becomes a reasonable choice.

when the idea of "giving up" appears , it means that you don't want to be tortured by this "not good enough" state.


if you ask for maternity leave in the future, the boss will hate you and reduce your salary to close to zero. "

my mother is responsible for softening the tone and seducing:

"find an institution in town that can take care of you for the rest of your life, go home and eat, retire with security, and live a happy life."

in the end, they teamed up to use the most poisonous trick in Hunger Marketing, the "time limit", emphasizing to me:

before, I must have turned a deaf ear to their words.

but this time, I wavered.

because I found that in the stressful days at work, I began to miss the days when I was a copywriter in a foreign-funded enterprise in Zhuhai.

there is no KPI indicator of how much fans will increase within a limited time, there is no need to make proposals to see customers, there is a shuttle bus to and from work, afternoon tea on Wednesday, a big meal party for employees on birthday month, and a strict clock-in system to help you record overtime.

I used to dislike the stable life at the end of the day, but on second thought, it seems that a vulgar but comfortable life is also a pursuit.

when I get off work in the evening, I ask my friends out to drive a motorcycle to blow the sea breeze.

my family and I know very well that I don't have to look like myself outside.


when she visited her house several times before, she was practicing the host manuscript to be used next.

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so she put off a lot of hosting work and signed herself up for a training class.

as a friend, watching her walk all the way, I know that her efforts really make her worth digging up.

after listening to her, I realized that staying in my hometown would only make me walk more slowly, not help me go further.

so after being lobbied by my family that day, I only wavered for one night.

but if I just turn around like this, I may turn off the engine and stop moving.

the reason why I don't want to give up is because I'm still curious about how far I can go.

so I wavered when my family offered me the option of "turning around".

I have typed a lot of words and modified a lot of words, but I am not satisfied with them. Either the content is too vulgar, the point is too empty, or there is something wrong with the structure of the article.

but no one is particularly easy in the process of "change for the better".

constantly convert the expectation that "will get better" into the action of "change for the better".

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