A very unique official account experiment.

A very unique official account experiment.
Hello, everyone. I'm Zhang Nan.

maybe because of the onlookers like me, the boy had to turn grievance into courage and said loudly to his girlfriend next to him, "Why are you angry again?" Isn't it boring to be angry every day? "

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besides turning around, I didn't know who to say, "then go and eat alone." he left the empty street with him.

but no matter how hard I try, I can't stop the two questions asked by boys from repeating in my head:

"aren't you bored with anger every day?"

it makes me keep thinking about how the creature "girlfriend" is constructed, and it also makes me get lost in "girlfriend's theory of anger and weirdness".

Oh, my God, before they became "girlfriends", they were gentle, cute and sweet.

and the true words "girlfriend is angry again" is a pain in the pain of all male friends. It is a fact that happens all the time, but it has to pretend that it never existed.

then take this opportunity to record the angry details of my girlfriend to tell other "boyfriends" in the world: "Don't be afraid, it's not you who are wrong, it's just that girlfriends are born that way."

me: "that's it. Everyone has their own set of rules for right and right, but boyfriends are held back by the context of public opinion on social media, so they just put up with it in silence."

finally, post some tidbits:

the elegant Zhang Nan's trouser leg