A strange love triangle.

A strange love triangle.
Or you are the most important.

at the other end of the sink, four or five sharp kitchen knives are standing by. They all say cremation, so they are naturally useless.

"I told you so." After saying this, she went to take a bath in the bathroom, turning around with a triumphant smile on her lips.

Zhang Ziqi is always right.

Look more beautiful and stylish when in our white ball gowns for debutante. Find that perfect dress, it will stay timeless and trendy season after season.


things started three months ago.

this is good. Let Zhang Ziqi be a gentle little sister again, I think.

however, I am obviously wrong.

after buying it for a month, there seems to be something wrong with the beeper, which is often misbroadcast, and even the alarm clock set by Zhang Zi has not gone off on time several times, resulting in her not being able to catch the morning meeting of the company.

because of this, Zhang Ziqi yelled at the beep machine from time to time.

after all, AI robots are much more obedient than girlfriends.

I have a habit of listening to music before going to bed, but at this time, Zhang Ziqi always interrupts the music being played by the beeper and lets it do other things that don't matter to me.

"Why did the charging plug fall off again?" I confronted Zhang Ziqi.

our cat is not that smart. One is fat and stares at food containers all day. The other suffers from narcolepsy and can't open his eyes all the time.

"I'm fine, thank you, little sister."

"it's a robot," I insisted.


one day, Zhang Ziqi took a box of tools out of the storeroom on the grounds of poor contact with the beeper, cut open the beeper, and told me that he could not find the crux of the problem and was hopeless.

she is a little violent in Chongqing on weekdays, but after this strange "triangle love" storm has subsided, she seems to have stopped much more than before.

repeatedly reasoned her and made her understand that what happened to me was that on the night of the final between Real Madrid and Liverpool, there were a lot of snowflakes on the TV, called for maintenance, and no one came for more than ten days.

then I figured out that when she was still in trouble, I mean, just play with her, and there was no need to struggle to death at the critical moment.

besides, she doesn't really want to fight, let alone I don't really want to win.

if so, in the final analysis, it is the same sentence: it takes courage to fall in love, but wisdom to keep each other.

author /Hu Xujie

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