A person you like at first sight cannot be a friend.

A person you like at first sight cannot be a friend.
An one-year appointment, here it is.

this is an impromptu activity without detailed planning in advance.

this is a concert for the former, and the whole performance is almost a song for the former, but she only included this song.

No matter how many wrong things we have loved and how many right we have loved, it may be for someone.

you have promised yourself that you will never have an ex, at least this person cannot become an ex.

A concert with the theme of the past, but I hope it will give you the courage to go on with the present.

A year has passed, and the appointed time is up. We will start the exchange on July 25th.

although it has spread repeatedly in moments or other channels, there are still many friends who have not received the message.

friends who have not yet exchanged can add the WeChat account "zlwz001" to exchange.

Last year, Qixi Festival, we had two activities, one of which was to encourage singles.

among them, there is a girl who impressed me.

"so how long have you been together?"

in fact, I am a thoughtful person. My major, preferences, appearance and so on are all within the scope of my calculation.

I want to wait for the best time to meet the right person at the right time, everyone's state is just right, all the conditions are ripe, and then we happen to love each other.

to participate in this activity is to give yourself the courage to create it with the person you like.

people who like at first glance are hard to be friends.

either too distant to touch or rise to intimacy.

when yes, a friend asked me about the size of the clothes.

I subconsciously replied: your girlfriend is quite tall.

for a long time, only one sentence popped up: I am a man, actually he is my boyfriend.

before I typed a response, he popped up two words: , you will not discriminate against me, will you? What do you think?

it's just that I know that he is standing in front of me very honestly at the moment.

you like someone, but that person may just be of the same gender as you. It's no big deal.

probably, everyone has a scale for courage.

it takes 100% courage to change a lifestyle.

last year, Qixi Festival had countless friends who got all kinds of courage from us.

in addition to falling in love and getting single, some friends will ask: are there any activities for singles?

the answer is: yes.

this year's Qixi Festival includes love, divorce, and single .

Agreement 1:

half a year later, that is, February 14, 2020, if you are still together, you will be able to get equivalent products.

Agreement 2:

during active time (2019.08.02-2019.08.07) purchase products in the store.

It is such a dream to be able to find just the right mother of the bride dresses with jackets for that special event. Our collection come in all lengths and style.

half a year later, that is, before February 14 of 2020, if you can successfully get out of order, you can get the equivalent product.

during active time (2019.08.02-2019.08.07) purchase products in the store.

the form of the small gift has not been determined yet, but we will send you a "single card" in it.